Alleged election interference: Han Dong speaks out

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March 22, 2023


The Liberal MP who allegedly benefitted from Chinese election interference is speaking out against the report, food prices are still high across the country and some shoppers walked away underwhelmed by the discounts at Nordstrom's liquidation sale.

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Han Dong speaks out

Liberal MP Han Dong, who allegedly benefitted from Chinese election interference, is speaking out against the report, categorically stating the foreign government did not help him in his nomination campaign. 

Food prices

Inflation for goods in Canada is cooling but prices for food remain high, Statistics Canada's latest report shows.

Nordstrom's underwhelming sale

On the first day of Nordstrom's liquidation sale, some shoppers walked away underwhelmed by measly five per cent discounts.

U.S. abortion ban

An Idaho hospital has announced that it will no longer be able to deliver babies because the state's near-total abortion ban — one of the most extreme in the U.S. — has driven so many doctors away.

Ancient Bible

One of the oldest surviving biblical manuscripts, a nearly complete 1,100-year-old Hebrew Bible, will soon be up for auction. 


Senate hearing adjourns early due to overpowering foul smell


Centuries-old murals were discovered following a kitchen renovation

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