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LomoMod No.1
The Magic of Medium Format
Hey there, Lomographers. Have you already discovered the wonders of medium format? Maybe it's something you've wanted to try but are waiting for the right moment. Well, medium format time is now! With stunning resolution, captivating colors and an undeniable analogue charm, it's easy to achieve awesome results. To tell you more, we had the incredible opportunity to delve into the mind of London-based photographer and lecturer, Quetzal Maucci. Using a selection of Lomography 120 films she shot a series of intriguing portraits and talked to us about her secrets, techniques and the sheer joy of being behind the viewfinder.
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Effortlessly Cool
Effortlessly Cool
In the photography world, medium format cameras hold a special place for enthusiasts and professionals alike. These cool cameras offer numerous advantages that set them apart from other formats:
1 Cool Gear: The classic design of a 120 camera, often with retro aesthetics, appeals to those who appreciate vintage gear or want to stand out from the crowd.
1 All in the Details: Larger negatives mean more details so intricate details and textures can be easily captured. Even the finest nuances are preserved, allowing for sharper, more lifelike images than are possible with a smaller negative.
1 Keep it Square: One of the most iconic features of our 120 format cameras is the symmetrical square frames. These allow for striking and unconventional compositions, making subjects stand out in the frame.
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LomoMod No.1
LomoMod No.1
Medium format newbies, are you ready and raring to go? 120 experts, ready to delve deeper into the analogue world? The LomoMod No.1 is a flat-packed, build-it-yourself, medium-format camera with a liquid-filled lens. It's an easy camera for beginners and a great way to get more connected to analogue. Craft and customize this cardboard classic to enjoy endless experimentation with features like a PC-sync flash connection plus shutter & aperture modules. It's a truly manual experience that leads to lo-fi, authentically-analogue photos!
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LomoMod No.1
The Magic of Medium Format
The Lomography Community on 120
The Magic of Medium Format
The Magic of Medium Format
The Magic of Medium Format
We'd like to thank the following people for their photos: Quetzal Maucci, doctorrober, kcb7-11, pixleepics, wil6ka, dr_dorokhov & aciano
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