Enjoy a free hot drink at Fair Shot Cafe in Covent Garden


Fair Shot: a cafe supporting young adults with learning disabilities

95% of adults in the UK with learning disabilities are unemployed. Fair Shot and its founder, Bianca Tavella, are on a mission to change this.

Fair Shot Cafe is a social enterprise cafe and registered UK charity based in Covent Garden that aims to transform the lives of marginalised young adults with learning disabilities. The vision is to create a society where adults with learning disabilities have an equal chance at obtaining and maintaining employment.

Every year, up to 15 young adults, aged 18-25, with a learning disability are granted the opportunity to gain real-life work experience through their 11-month, hospitality training programme. Trainees are taught to be highly skilled baristas and cafe assistants, while also building on key transferable skills, such as communication and time management. 

Fair Shot is committed to ensuring graduates of the training programme go on to secure sustainable employment with like-minded organisations. 

As a reader of Stylist, you're invited to enjoy a hot drink on the house using code FAIRSHOTSTYLIST. The offer is valid until 22 October 2023. Fair Shot Cafe is on 3 Slingsby Place WC2E 9AB and open seven days a week.

Not only is Fair Shot a great spot in central London to grab a coffee, it's also a life-changing organisation helping young adults with learning disabilities. 

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