High protein stir-fry, comin’ atcha

It's giving Wednesday-night-in vibes.
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The Nutrition Edition
Presented by   Yelloh
Today's Ingredients
Recipe of the week
Go easy on yourself!
Stir-fries are one of our favorite weeknight dinners. But when we're feeling extra lazy, the motivation to prep all the ingredients and then toss them all together is … less than appetizing.
But with Yelloh, we can order already-cooked diced chicken breasts and vegetables that heat up quickly in this tasty recipe.
Yelloh's convenient delivery service allows you the freedom to order different combinations of pre-made frozen food. Maybe you're in the mood for Nashville hot chicken strips and want to pair them with a side of asparagus spears and cilantro lime rice. Or you could simply order actual meals — plus, Yelloh provides options for special considerations such as certain dietary needs (heart health, vegetarian) and food allergies.
Whatever you're craving, Yelloh has a variety of choices for you to pick from. And everything keeps well in your freezer! Check out all of the delicious food from Yelloh below.
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Great finds
Pretty peepers
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the takeout
What we're digesting
🥐 Worried you're gluten-intolerant? Common signs to look for. Gluten-related disorders often cause symptoms that have nothing to do with digestion.
🍍 5 myths about the best time to eat fruit. No, eating fruit in the morning isn't actually better for you. Here's why.
🥚 Why eggs are one of the healthiest foods out there. Plus, the truth behind eggs and heart disease.
🐄 Do the benefits of raw milk outweigh the dangers? Spoiler: They don't.
Thanks for reading, everyone! Now get out there and enjoy these last few days of summer. I'll be seeing you in the fall.

Also, don't forget to get in touch with us at nutritionedition@healthline.com. (Please note that we may use your name and response in an upcoming edition!)
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