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The 10-Minute Pilates Fix
What if you could get the results you want — minus the exhaustion, sweat, and soreness of typical fitness programs?
What if you could get these results at home? In just 10 minutes?
Welcome to 10-Minute Pilates
Based on the fitness method that was developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s to help ballerina dancers recover from injuries, Pilates pretty much does it all.
And we mean ALL.
That’s especially true if you’re over 40. In fact, a review of 10 different studies found that Pilates may be one of the best forms of exercise for women older than 40 because it helps you to:
Get fit with less fuss. For a Pilates mat session, all you need: your body and a light pair of dumbbells. It really doesn’t get any simpler than that.
Shape long, lean, firm muscles while you’re lying down. You’ll do many moves while on your back or your side.
Flatten your belly — without doing a single crunch. In Pilates, you target your deep core muscles while also strengthening your arms or legs.
Slim down without breaking a sweat. Slow, tiny Pilates movements will make you feel as if you are barely moving. But don’t be fooled because tiny movements lead to big results. Here’s the proof: Overweight women who did Pilates just 3 times a week for 8 weeks shed fat and lost pounds, while women who didn’t do this form of exercise gained weight, found one study.
Melt away tension, tightness, and pain. This should come as no surprise, since Pilates was specifically developed to help people with injuries.
We want you to be able to experience the power of Pilates for yourself — at home.
Prevention teamed up with fitness pro Amy Kiser Schemper, MS, CPT, to create 10-Minute Pilates. This video fitness program includes six, 10 minute workouts to target every inch of your body.
Get ready to fall in love.
Get ready to change your life.
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