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Lonza Bioscience
Genome Editing of Resting Primary Human CD4+ T Cells
A step-by-step guide to CRISPR resting CD4+ T cells with tips for higher throughputs and more cell types

In a new case study, Synthego and Lonza discuss their recent collaboration with Dr. Manuel Albanese and exciting results in gene editing of resting human CD4+ T cells. This case study highlights how to achieve efficient gene editing in CD4+ T cells, overcoming the traditional challenges related to cell viability and maintaining resting state. The corresponding protocol guides you step-by-step through RNP and HDR template delivery in resting primary T cells with Nucleofection® Technology. Of note, further recommendations from Synthego and Lonza on how to adapt the protocol to other cell types and higher throughputs (e.g. 96-well format) are included in a tips and tricks section.

Download the protocol: CRISPR Editing Human Primary Resting CD4+ T Cells with RNPs using Nucleofector® Technology.

This information was prepared by Dr. Manuel Albanese in his personal capacity. The data and any opinions expressed in this presentation are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect the view of his employer.


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