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 Discover a fast, easy way to lose up to 6x more weight & boost your health!
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At Prevention we hear from women all the time who walk but are frustrated that they aren't getting the results they want. That’s why we’re thrilled to bring you a walking plan based on scientific principles that can teach you the walking techniques and fat-burning moves you need to boost your metabolism and burn fat and calories! Walk Your Way to Better Health is a speedy, easy way to walk off pounds, lose stubborn belly fat, and firm and tone your body all over!
In just 9 weeks, Kim Bray walked off 18 pounds and 11.75 inches!
The secret is simple: Make a few quick and easy changes like adjusting your steps, moving your arms and legs just so, and engaging key muscles that are often forgotten. You’ll be thrilled to see how these simple tweaks can transform your walk — and your body — in stunning new ways! No more getting stuck in a rut, hitting a plateau, or enduring sweaty gym sessions!
Did I Mention the Health Benefits Are Amazing?!
A quick, 15-minute walk can boost your metabolism and melt away stress! Plus walking can also help you:
Prevention Stave off diabetes and balance your blood sugar
Prevention Cut your risk of breaking a hip by 40%
Prevention Beat high blood pressure and high cholesterol
Prevention Cut your risk of heart attack by up to 35%
Prevention And much more!
Kim Bray was convinced she couldn’t lose weight walking on this plan, but she
lost 18 lb and 11.75 inches in just 9 weeks!
“I feel better. ... My clothes fit better. ... I feel better about myself.”
—Kim B.
Your MP3 player comes preloaded with music and walking workouts!
Turn Up the Music, Turn On the Calorie Burn!
Research shows that women who walked and listened to music LOST TWICE AS MUCH WEIGHT. That’s why you also get an MP3 PLAYER! The music is set to eight routines so you can walk faster and burn fat at an accelerated pace!
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This Walking Plan Can Give You Great Results!
Jackie, 37, never thought she could lose much weight walking, but was she ever surprised! To make walking more fun, Jackie would switch up her routine and listen to music to keep herself pumped up.
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With So Many Ways to Walk, You’ll Never Get Bored — and on This Plan, You’ll Do It YOUR WAY!
This is the first plan from Prevention where you can customize the walking plans to your goals, whether it’s to lose more weight, flatten your belly, firm up all over, get ready for a 5-K, go faster, or prevent heart troubles, diabetes, arthritis, or Alzheimer’s. Mix them up, change them up, boost the challenge — whatever works for you!
Discover a fast, easy way to lose weight, shed belly fat & beat disease!
P.S. Speed your weight loss results and your total health transformation with the delicious 21-day meal plan! Try the 140+ recipes in your Walk Your Way to Better Health.
Although no one can guarantee results, multiple medical and university studies have shown the link between foods and their ability to alleviate these and various other conditions and diseases. Proper diet and exercise as described in Walk Your Way to Better Health are necessary to achieve these results.

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