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Why Cardi B Topping The Pop Chart Matters View Entire Post › from BuzzFeed - Latest via IFTTT

Characters like this are why 'SNL' star Kate McKinnon has won 2 Emmys in a row

The three alien abductees with wildly different experiences have returned to Earth — and Saturday Night Live , reprising their first appearance from 2015. This time, at least poor Kate McKinnon gets a Ryan Gosling gropefest out of the deal. Gosling and Cecily Strong returned to form as unassuming rednecks recounting blissful experiences of meeting beings from beyond the stars. SEE ALSO: Ryan Gosling almost saved jazz on 'SNL' until Emma Stone showed up “One minute we’re drinking beer in a Kohl’s parking lot and it’s like, now we’re cosmic curiosities,” Strong said. “Cookie crumbled a little different for me here,” McKinnon started. Read more... More about Television , Snl , Ryan Gosling , Kate Mckinnon , and Saturday Night Live from Mashable via IFTTT

Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump returns to 'SNL' wearing a golf shirt, of course

Alec Baldwin decided not to retire his Emmy-winning President Trump impression after all, kicking off season 43 of Saturday Night Live with a catch-all cold open that brought The Donald back from his important golf trip to deal with such national crises as ... disciplining a naughty little "bad boy" Jeff Sessions. “Sometimes, when you’re president, you have to make sacrifices, so I skipped the back nine,” Baldwin-as-Trump said, greeting Aidy Bryant’s Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, who teed him up with a phone call from San Juan, Puerto Rico’s desperate mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz (Melissa Villaseñor). SEE ALSO: Ryan Gosling almost saved jazz on 'SNL' until Emma Stone showed up Read more... More about Snl , Donald Trump , Saturday Night Live , Alec Baldwin , and Entertainment from Mashable

Alternative Facts

Trump Says Things Are Going "Great" In Puerto Rico. People There Say He's Dead Wrong. View Entire Post › from BuzzFeed - Latest via IFTTT

SNL Is Back And The Season Premiere Took On Trump, Puerto Rico, And NFL Protests

It was a long summer. View Entire Post › from BuzzFeed - Latest via IFTTT

The President Tweeted A Video Of Hockey Fans Standing For The Anthem — From Last Year

Trump inserted old footage of an NHL military appreciation event into the current debate about whether athletes should protest police violence and racism during the national anthem. View Entire Post › from BuzzFeed - Latest via IFTTT

Ryan Gosling almost saved jazz on 'SNL' until Emma Stone showed up

Ryan Gosling saving jazz in La La Land is inarguably the Oscar-winning film's greatest legacy, and certainly one of Gosling's — thanks to him we have jazz, because he saved it — and Gosling used his Saturday Night Live season-premiere monologue to remind us of his jazz-saving. But like every jazz-savior's tale, this one ended in a blue-note twist. SEE ALSO: Harrison Ford talks punching Ryan Gosling on Fallon, regrets very little "I was like, me? Ryan Gosling, a white kid from Canada, I saved jazz?," Gosling said, before taking a turn at the piano to keep saving jazz, and further saving jazz by jazz-splaining jazz to the jazz musicians playing jazz behind him. Read more... More about Television , Snl , Saturday Night Live , Ryan Gosling , and Emma Stone from Mashable

Cruise Ships Want To Come Back To The Hurricane-Battered US Virgin Islands, But Residents Aren't Ready

Thousands of people in the US Virgin Islands are still without steady power, food, or water, but the governor wants to get cruise lines back by Oct. 15 to help restore the territory's strapped economy. View Entire Post › from BuzzFeed - Latest via IFTTT

SNL’ Returns With Alec Baldwin’s Trump Busy Not Helping Puerto Rico

Image Saturday Night Live was pretty obvious with its jokes for the cold-open of the 43rd season premiere . There was Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump, dressed in the official uniform of the Charlottesville white supremacists — a white polo and khakis — as he did everything he did his best to not acknowledge or handle the ongoing disaster situation in Puerto Rico. Instead of last season’s Sean Spicer being Trump’s sycophantic messenger, it was Sarah Huckabee Sanders soothing Baldwin-Trump’s oblivious ego. It wasn’t very funny. In fact, the sketch seemed to continually grasp at low-hanging fruit despite the plethora of topics to satirize. Maybe there was just too many things to hit? Baldwin even muttered in his best Trump voice: I’m like an NFL player: combative, I like to win and I might have a degenerative brain disease.” Kate McKinnon returned as an adorably awful Jeff Sessions, who loves Trump very much, and guess what? Sessions looked like an elf!

Marilyn Manson Crushed by Falling Stage Gun Props at Concert, Taken to Hospital

Finish Sickle Cell Awareness Month By Learning More About The Disease

Shutterstock “I forgot you were sick.” I hear that all the time from friends and even some family members whenever I have to go to the hospital, or when I was at a function one night, but stay in the next. I’ve had friends think I was flaking on them. I’ve had employers not understand why I could go to that party last night but cannot make it to work today. I’ve had teachers look at me funny because they saw me in the hall earlier but I didn’t make it to their class at the end of the day. Sickle cell disease is like that: It creeps up when you least expect it, and sometimes when you totally expect it but wish it would go away, and there’s nothing to do but wait it out. September was National Sickle Cell Awareness Month and as prevalent as the disease is, many people have no idea what it’s about or how to respond when friends have it. 1 in 365 people of African descent, and 1 in 16,300 people of Latin descent have sickle cell disease in some form. The disease occurs when red bloo

Best Videos Compilation September 2017 || JukinVideo

September has come to an end. Fall is just around the corner and Halloween is dead ahead. As we prep for the ghoulish delights of October, let’s take a look back at all the crazy, awesome, or just down right strange clips we saw last month. Whether it’s a snake in your salad, some gosh darn adorable dogs, or some pretty crazy falls, we’ve got quite the collection. Goodbye, September. It’s been real. 1. 2. Original Links: 1 CAN’T STOP, WON’T STOP- 2 BEHIND THE SCENES- 3 ALMOST IMPALED- 4 SLIPPERY MOVES- 5 DRINKING QUEEN- Submission 6 RATTED OUT- 7 IT’S A TWIST OFF- 8 TRICK SHOT- 9 TIMBER- 10 LAST CALL FOR BOARDING- 11 FLOATING SUCCESS- 12 BARKING ORDERS- 13 BLOWN UP GENIUS- 14 MY NUTS- 15 DAD, WHY- 16 GET OFF YOUR PHONE- 17 SSSSALAD- 18 LAST MINUTE EXIT- 19 MOM JUST WANTS TO HAVE FUN- Submission 20 CAT PACK- 21 PANIC MODE- 22 UNLIKELY CULPRIT- 23 DOGGY POSE- 24 WHAT’D I MISS- 25 I WANT OUT- 26 CARNEY FAIL- Submission 27 SLICE AT LIFE- 28 HEART OF GOLD-

Top 5 Viral Videos Boys Caught Big Turtle – Real Catching Turtle By Trap And Hand .

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New Funniest kids kiss Video 2017 Top 10 Viral Videos of All Time

New Funniest Video 2017 Top 10 Viral Videos of All TimeNew Funniest Video 2017 Top 10 Viral Videos of All TimeNew Funniest Video 2017 Top 10 Viral Videos of All TimeNew Funniest Video 2017 Top 10 Viral Videos of All Timeঅনলাইন টিভি প্রগ্রামে স্বাগতম।সকল টিভি চ্যানেল থেকে নতুন সব খবর পেতে অনলাইন টিভি কে সাবক্রাইব করুন। এবং লাইক, কমেন্ট ,শেয়ার করুন। from Viral Videos via IFTTT

Top FacBook viral video | Reaction by Nabil Khan | #FH Bro.

asalam o alikum beautiful people… Hi…. we are Munshigonj guys …Team…… Team-mamber:Forhad Hashan,Faiyaz Hashan Others members of the Entertaine team (NabilKhan) Like, comment, share and subscribe and support if you like what you see♥♥♥♥….. editor:Faiyaz Hasan,Forhad Hasan,NabilKhan. my other YouTube channel, Royal Brothers LTD: #FHBro: FHR Fun Studio: FacBook, NabilKhan: Facbook page, NabilKhan: from Viral Videos via IFTTT

Hugh Hefner's Most Controversial Moments

For some, Hugh Hefner was a trailblazer. For others, an exploiter of women. The Playboy founder died on Wednesday at the age of 91. His Playboy magazine helped usher in the ’60s… Source link from Heat Celeb News via IFTTT

Decide Whether ‘NBA 2K18’ Or ‘NBA Live’ Has Better Graphics With These Comparison Videos

Image NBA Live is pushing on NBA 2K ‘s long-held territory as the only basketball game that matters, and that’s in large part to its quality gameplay and graphics . 2K has dominated the market with its fantastic b-ball simulations for so long that people are reflexively assuming that 2K will be superior in every way, always. But maybe not ? Gamespot threw together a side-by-side comparison that has both games running similar plays. It’s close, but the animations of 2K look smoother, probably because they’ve had years of refinement and additions to the nuance of the plays, but when it comes to skin and hair, NBA Live might just have the better graphics. When start really looking into the minutia of the visuals, 2K’s hands and jerseys look more real, but in the overall grand scheme of things (especially after looking side-by-side), 2K18 kind of has an “uncanny valley” thing going on. You can tell they’re digital beings. While NBA Live just loo

Which Of These Horror Movies Actually Scare You?

Let's see how brave you are.. View Entire Post › from BuzzFeed - Latest via IFTTT

'Til Death Do Us Part': Film Review

Christopher B. Stokes’ new feature ‘Til Death Do Us Part’ co-stars Taye Diggs, Stephen Bishop and Annie Ilonzeh. read more Source link from Heat Celeb News via IFTTT

19 Giant Plot Holes '80s Kids Shows Left Unanswered

Like, um, why was Rio cheating on Jerrica with her alter ego, Jem?! View Entire Post › from BuzzFeed - Latest via IFTTT

15 Abandoned Places That Are Creepy, Weird, Or Just Really Interesting

Everything that has a beginning has an end. View Entire Post › from BuzzFeed - Latest via IFTTT

19 People Who Should Just Delete Their Kitchens

Watermelon slice smothered in ketchup. View Entire Post › from BuzzFeed - Latest via IFTTT

Can You Score 6/6 On This English, Math, Chemistry, Biology, History, And Civics Test?

Finally, a short trivia quiz! View Entire Post › from BuzzFeed - Latest via IFTTT

Wikipedia picture of the day for October 1

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15 People Who Are So Fucking Fucked

Do NOT try to kiss a snake on the lips. Please. View Entire Post › from BuzzFeed - Latest via IFTTT

So, Here Are Some Songs That Are Now Played On Oldies Stations And It Will Make You Feel Very Old

Honestly, it's a personal attack! View Entire Post › from BuzzFeed - Latest via IFTTT

Tag Yourself As A Zombie And We'll Reveal What % Dead Inside You Are

We're all a little dead inside. View Entire Post › from BuzzFeed - Latest via IFTTT

21 Things Pinoy Gay Men Are Totally Tired Of Hearing

"Buti hindi ka halata, sis." View Entire Post › from BuzzFeed - Latest via IFTTT

7 Ways To Actually Fall Asleep Faster And Sleep Better

Falling asleep is my favorite time to think about everything that's stressing me out. View Entire Post › from BuzzFeed - Latest via IFTTT

Only A True "Friends" Fan Can Remember These Details From The First Episode

It first aired 23 years ago, but considering that you've probably seen it a thousand times, it should still be fresh in your memory. View Entire Post › from BuzzFeed - Latest via IFTTT

‘Star Wars: Battlefront II’ Released The First Minutes Of Its Campaign Story, And It Features A Post-Mortem Emperor

Image Star Wars fans have been wondering what’s happened in the time between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens since Disney shook up the canon and dumped the dozens and dozens of books explaining what happened after the original trilogy. Thankfully, the extremely sweet-looking Star Wars: Battlefront II will fill in the gaps . You’ll play as Iden Versio , an elite member of the Empire’s special forces who was kicking Rebel butt on Endor when the second Death Star was destroyed. Tail between legs, the Empire is regrouping, and it seems like they’re still getting their orders from Emperor Palpatine, who is embodying this floaty messenger. The storyline likely follows the previous canon, in which Palpatine used the force to transfer his consciousness into a series of clone bodies that he had waiting for when he was inevitably offed by a peeved apprentice. In this clip, we see Palpatine bark orders at Verso and her high-ranking father th