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Why Jesse Williams Is a Theater Guy Now

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[June 1st] TC City Spotlight: Columbus

Join us for a special TCL featuring the startup scene in Columbus, Ohio Join us Tomorrow at TC City Spotlight Columbus    On June 1, TechCrunch is hosting a special episode of TechCrunch Live centered on the growing startup scene in Columbus, Ohio. This episode, like every TechCrunch Live episode, will be streamed live and is programmed to help founders build better venture-backed businesses.   Why Columbus? Because it's quickly becoming a major startup scene in the Midwest, especially in the areas of healthcare and insurance. More than $3 billion has been injected into the city over the past 20 years, according to Crunchbase data. Investment into the city startups started picking up around 2017 and really peaked in 2021. That's when investment essentially doubled, going from $583 million in 2020 to just over $1 billion, with half of those dollars going into two companies: healthcare technology company Olive and autonomous robotics company Path Robotics. So far in 2022, $1