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Exploring The Power Of Street Art With The Legendary Roger Gastman

I know Roger Gastman from his magazine “While You Were Sleeping.” They did an article about me sometime in the early 2000s. But more than that, we were always sort of in the same orbit. When I was a kid, skateboarding was basically illegal and, on top of that, my friends and I were writing graffiti — throwing up tags wherever we could. If you were a skateboarder in New York, you also had a tag. That’s kind of what we grew up doing. There was this whole world of us, at that time, who were skating and creating graffiti. Roger and I were both in that orbit. It’s a pretty big shared experience to have. Roger started as a graffiti writer and then sort of became a pre-internet node — the one man who knew everyone in the scene . In a post-internet world, he’s parlayed that into becoming the foremost expert on this entire culture . He was a consulting producer on Exit Through The Gift Shop , he’s authored and edited books and magazines, he’s curated museum shows. And I have to say, he’s don

Jeff Goldblum Explains Why He Likes Being Called ‘Daddy’ While Eating Spicy Vegan Wings

A giant, open-shirted statue of actor Jeff Goldblum is one thing, but neither it nor anything else like it can compare to the man himself. And to drive this point home, acclaimed star of cinematic classics like The Fly , Jurassic Park and Independence Day appeared on the season finale of First We Feast’s popular web series Hot Ones , in which guests are interviewed while eating some very spicy chicken wings. As one can imagine, Goldblum was ready and willing to make his way through the increasingly spicier array of wings — albeit vegan ones — while discussing everything from his films to the fact that he likes being called “daddy.” Yes, let that sink in for a minute. Jeff Goldblum doesn’t mind being called “daddy,” whether it’s because he is an actual father (which he is) or not. And that’s totally fine. This particular topic came up when host Sean Evans asked Goldblum about fan comments on his official Instagram page , including those that call him “daddy.” The actor’s response?

The Best Travel Movies On Netflix Right Now

Warner Brothers Last Updated: August 30th Movies are a big part of our daily lives. As such, they’ve inspired many of us to finally live out our travel dreams and go on our own adventures. That’s why we put together a list of our favorite travel-themed movies on Netflix right now. Of course, it should go without saying, this list will constantly be evolving as Netflix rotates its streaming library. Let these travel movies be your guide and inspire your next adventure. Related: The Best Travel Shows On Netflix Right Now, Ranked Paramount Up In The Air (2009) Run Time: 109 min | IMDb: 7.4/10 It’s hard not to love a good George Clooney movie. Add in a mentorship with Anna Kendrick about the ins-and-outs of traveling the country (to fire people) and you’ve got travel cinema gold. Jason Reitman’s glance into corporate America and the domestic airports that shuttle workers around the country is an emotionally deft and often hilarious look at life on the road. Add to Netflix Q

Everyone Has A Memorable First Neil Simon Experience And Mine Is ‘Seems Like Old Times’

Columbia On Sunday, legendary playwright and screenwriter Neil Simon died at the age of 91. Here’s what I find interesting about his legacy: everyone seems to have his or her own distinct way into his work. When Orson Welles’ name is mentioned, it’s a good bet Citizen Kane is going to be brought up. But with Simon, as tribute after tribute went by on social media, there were so many different titles mentioned – and there also seemed to be warm nostalgia for someone’s first experience watching something Neil Simon wrote. So, with that, I decided to write about my entryway into Neil Simon’s work because it’s a little more of an esoteric pick. And it’s a movie that completely benefits from the tendency of cable channels in the early 1980s to run a particular movie on a never-ending loop. (One particular joy from this era was the premium cable channel television guide. Remember these? Probably not. But they’d show up in the mail once a month, these little booklets, and with full-col

The ‘Celebgate’ Hacker Who Leaked Nude Jennifer Lawrence Photos Has Received Jail Time

Getty Image Nearly four years to the day after the scandal broke, Jennifer Lawrence and other so-called “Celebgate” victims including Kirsten Dunst and Kate Upton have finally seen their day of justice. Four hackers, including 26-year-old George Garofano, have now been convicted for using targeted iCloud phishing attacks to illegally obtain nude personal photos of celebrities and distribute them on website likes 4chan, Reddit, and Imgur. Garofano was one of four total individuals charged in the 2014 crime, and the three others have since been sentenced to prison terms of anywhere between nine and 18 months. By posing as a member of Apple’s security team, Garofano admitted to being able to access usernames and passwords to the accounts. The prosecution wrote in a sentencing memo to the court: “Mr Garofano’s offense was a serious one. He illegally hacked into his victims’ online accounts, invaded their privacy, and stole their personal information, including private and intimate