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The Real Meaning of Gatekeeping

What's new today on the Cut — covering style, self, culture, and power, plus interviews, profiles, columns, and commentary from our editors. MONDAY, JULY 31 the internet The Real Meaning of  Gatekeeping It's always been about the most powerful — it's who has power and what they do with it that has changed.   Photo-Illustration: the Cut; Photos Getty Images   What are you gatekeeping? Shania Twain was  accused  of gatekeeping Harry Styles's phone number.  High Times   denounced  "stoner gatekeeping," and racing fans  pledged  not to gatekeep Formula 1. On TikTok, if you gatekeep where you bought that vintage skirt or which drugstore moisturizer you use or or what's the best martini in the city or how you're making money from  selling  feet pics, you'll be  chastised . Gatekeeping  used to refer to people with their hands on the levers of institutional power. Sai

Burrata Is a Big Fat Blob of Boring

All the food and restaurant news you need to know today. MONDAY, JULY 31 the underground gourmet A Big Fat Blob of Boring Can we cool it with all the burrata balls?   Photo: Hugo Yu   Read the full story           More From Grub Street Delivery Orders Won't Come With Forks Anymore Or spoons or ketchup or those little packets of duck sauce. By Chris Crowley Rachel Karten Has No Time for Fussy Martinis "I didn't want fennel. I wanted olive juice." By Zach Schiffman This Chicken Blew Me Away Hakka Cuisine makes the best bird in town. By E. Alex Jung Read more on Grub Street     A Suggestion From the Strategist   1. 21 Things on Sale You'll Actually Want to Buy