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The Funniest Comedies On Netflix Right Now, Ranked

Universal Pictures Last Updated: November 29th Comedies can be difficult to compare. Sometimes you’re in the mood for something cerebral, and other times you just want to watch people get punched in the nuts. While there are definitely some gems in Netflix’s movie sections , you have to dig through a lot of straight-to-DVD sequels and bad indie flicks to find the best comedies to watch. While people have cracked the code for finding the best comedies on Netflix right now, we’ve put together a list of some of the funniest movies as a starting point in your quest for the perfect Friday night in. Related: The Best Dark Comedies On Netflix Right Now Universal Pictures 1. Hot Fuzz (2007) Run Time: 120 min | IMDb: 7.9/10 Nick Frost and Simon Pegg have teamed up many times (usually with director Edgar Wright) to create almost universal awesomeness, but there’s something about Hot Fuzz that stands above the rest. The film is simultaneously a hilarious parody of and a passionate

This Viral Facebook Hoax Warns Of Phony Duplicate Friend Requests

Shutterstock Facebook users are in the flavor of considering again creature tricked to bargain subsequent to phony messages, this grow old-fashioned caution of potential duplicate accounts. Many users are already a propos tall lithe due to hackers having cloning accounts in the appendix by stealing users names and photos, and with calculation their friends in an attempt to scam them out of maintenance or go phishing for personal guidance. So taking that into consideration, you can concerning see why therefore many people slip for it. The publication people have been receiving reads as follows: Hi I actually got different friend demand from you yesterdaywhich I ignored consequently you may distressed to check your account. Hold your finger upon the publication until the tackle button appearsalso hit lecture to and all the people you sore to concentrate on too [sic]I had to get the people individually. Good Luck! According to WIBW 13 News, officials in Plaquemines Pa

Melania Trump Has Defended Her Controversial White House Holiday Blood Trees

Getty Image Eleanor Roosevelt fought for civil rights. So did Abigail Adams, wife of John Quincy; she also called for an end to slavery. Sara Polk helped out with her husband James K.’ speeches. Hillary Clinton nearly got us universal healthcare and later even won the popular vote in a presidential election. Michelle Obama preached healthy eating. So far what is Melania Trump’s legacy as FLOTUS? Horrifying, blood-curdling, primal scream-inducing holiday trees that give the illusion that the White House is populated by deadly predators. The president’s better half is no stranger to controversy, or at least mockery, from her inexplicable “I really don’t care do u?” jacket to dressing like an Indiana Jones villain while in Africa. Now Melania’s being called out once more for her holiday stylings, namely for installing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. a forest of crimson red trees that look like they were taken from the game Doom . It’s Melania’s second creepy holiday tree to-do since h

Seth Rogen And Evan Goldberg Are Producing A Show About The Nintendo-Sega Wars

Shutterstock There have been some brutal wars in our lifetimes — not actual war-wars, where people die en masse. We mean wars between products that are almost but not exactly the same. There was VHS vs. Betamax. There was Letterman vs. Leno. There was Antz vs. A Bug’s Life . There’s the perennial Coke vs. Pepsi duel that never ends. But few have been as gory as the one that started in the ’80s: the one between video game consoles Nintendo and Sega. That war is over: Nintendo won because they still exist, and Sega lost because they haven’t put out a console since 2005’s handheld Advanced Pico Beena , which was only released in their native Japan. But that only means it’s time to turn it into must-binge TV. And so it shall be: Variety is reporting that Seth Rogen and his longtime bestie/creative partner Evan Goldberg are producing a small screen version of Blake J. Harris’ book Console Wars: Sega, Nintendo and the Battle that Defined a Generation , which you may one day watch on