Announcing WORX's MakerX Power of X Contest

One thing we've learned is that the right tools help you achieve your vision AND cut down on frustration. Sometimes you can get by with just a paperclip or grandma's old screwdriver from the junk drawer, and sometimes you need specialized tools to finish what you've started or to take your build to the neXt level. Toolmaker WORX is reimagining this process with the powerful, adaptable, and portable MakerX system, and we think it just might be a gamechanger. A convenient one-stop-shop for crafters, makers, and average DIYers, it's also a secret weapon for specialists and fabricators working outside the shop, as battery power + versatility takes location out of the equation.
Contest Alert!
Challenge yourself to solve for X in WORX's #PowerofX contest. Create an X-shaped project and enter to win up to $5,000 cash. The rules are simple, the parameters as broad as your skills, and your imagination is the only limit. To enter, post a single photo on Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest of your project with a brief description and tag @WorxTools, #PowerofX, and #Contest.
Beyond Writing
As many know, our editors do not just write; they are MAKERS too. Senior Editor Caleb Kraft was the first of our team to use the tools and promptly provided this thought to us. "In the first week of owning the MakerX, it has entirely replaced my other rotary tools, my heat gun, and my soldering iron. I can't help but share a little bit of how great I think this tool is. For example, the rotary tool feels like a much more expensive unit. It's solid and has a very nice texture, but still slim enough for super fine
detail (if you've seen my hobbies, you know I work with .2mm bits under a microscope!). It's battery-powered, which unfortunately carries the unavoidable task of having to charge batteries, but the ability to go work outside has been fantastic, and now I feel really spoiled. I'm really happy they reached out, the MakerX is now part of my must-have tool selection."  Watch the tool at work as Caleb makes a unique set of cosplay horns.
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