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mardi 10 novembre 2020

Best Semester Ever: Eat Like Royalty!

Hack the dining hall and learn some easy and healthy recipes to chow down on.
By now you're probably getting into the swing of the semester — but there's still a lot to do to make sure that it's the best one ever. Today, we're going to tackle one of the most imposing of all college institutions: the dining hall. 

That's right: It's time to learn how to use the dining hall to your advantage to have delicious and healthy meals. And for those days when you just don't feel like walking all the way over there, we've got some ideas for easy meals you can make yourself — even if you don't have a full kitchen to work with. 

The ideal is to try to plan your meals around your schedule to the best of your ability and stick to it, as Rachel Paul, M.S., R.D., founder of The College Nutritionist, told BuzzFeed Life.

It's not about "dieting," though. As Ryan Andrews, R.D., coach at Precision Nutrition in Toronto, Canada, told BuzzFeed Life, "My biggest advice is to not start dieting when you get to college." Why? He said the lack of supervision can make it easy to adopt unhealthy eating habits without realizing it. 

But that's why we're here to help. Let's get going!  


You don't have to settle for whatever campus food services happens to be serving. Learn to take the ingredients that are always available and use them to your advantage to create delicious meals all your own.


  • Use cheese and veggies from the salad bar to make a quesadilla. You can do this in the microwave or, if your dining hall has one, a panini press.



  • Combine scrambled eggs with cheese and beans from the salad bar to make a breakfast burrito.


  • Mix peanut butter, soy sauce, and Sriracha to make Thai-style sauce for chicken.


  • Take raw veggies from the salad bar and steam them in the microwave so you can get them just how you like them.


There Even if you can't make it to the dining hall — or perhaps are off of a meal plan entirely — you can still eat delicious and healthy food without spending too much money. 


  • When you're buying your go-to packaged or frozen foods, opt for the healthier or less processed version.


  • Always have a jar of natural peanut butter around for quick protein.


  • If you rely on cereal as a quick morning meal, try to pick a cereal with whole grains and less than 10 grams of sugar per serving.



  • There are plenty of meals you can make in a microwave if you lack access to a full kitchen — try this fried rice recipe, for example.


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