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vendredi 6 novembre 2020

Welcome to Goodful's 7-Day Guide to Creating Less Waste!

Get ready for seven days of content curated by the Goodful team.

Each day, most of us produce around 4.4 pounds of trash, which is...a whole lot of garbage. Think about the plastic container you scooped your yogurt out of this morning, the empty body wash bottle you threw away after squeezing out the last drop during your shower, and the plastic tray your lunchtime sushi was delivered in — along with that plastic spoon for your plastic bowl of soup, the plastic bag you didn't really need, and all those tiny soy sauce-filled plastic fish you didn't even open.

If you've signed up for this course, you probably already know about the detrimental effect our totally excessive consumption habits are having on the planet: We have oceans (and fish!) that are filled with plastic waste, and 2.5-million plastic bottles that are thrown away every single hour (and that's just in the US!).

And I know, I know: it all sounds so damn depressing that it's almost too easy to think, "Why even bother trying to make a difference now…?" But being bothered is important, because even the tiniest changes can have a really considerable impact. So, over the next seven days, I'll be sending more than 65 tips straight to your inbox. I'm not going to tell you to give up takeout forever, or judge you for using a plastic or disposable product that genuinely makes your life easier to live. Instead, I'm hoping to arm with you practical and actually manageable tricks that will help make your daily routines and habits a little kinder on the planet. (And, hey, you might even find yourself saving time and cash along the way!)

Please feel free to keep in touch over the next week (I'm on Instagram @gyanyankovich, and please feel free to tag me and @goodful as you go! ) and let me know any changes you make or new ideas you come up with! I'd love to hear from you.





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