It’s okay to stop trying to look younger

I've started to think there might be something in letting myself go
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I Don't Know Who Needs to Hear This, But It's Okay to Stop Trying to Look Younger
One afternoon a colleague of mine sat down across from me looking ashen. "Someone in the elevator just congratulated me," she said. "She thought I was pregnant. I said, 'No, just fat!' and tried to laugh it off, but everyone in the elevator was mortified." And that is why you should never congratulate someone on being pregnant unless you see the baby coming out of her. Only then, at the crowning, may you say, "Oh! Are you having a baby?"

Needless to say, I felt her pain. Many Gen X women like she and I, raised to "have it all"— advanced careers, thriving families, fulfilling social lives, sexy relationships — subject our bodies to the same high level of determined attention. We grew up thinking that with enough hard work nothing was beyond our reach, even washboard abs. Everyone middle-class and middle-aged that I know seems to be trying various combinations of exercise regimens, supplements, and serums to get their aging bodies "under control," and every season brings a whole new raft of advice about how some new method of self-care will finally get our bodies and faces where we want them.



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