Merry Christmas! 🎁 (There’s a chic, last-minute DIY inside!)

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This Super-Quick Tutorial Shows How to Turn Your Napkins Into Christmas Trees
Bonus: They don't take a ton of time to make! Read More
28 Classic Christmas Movies You to Watch This Year
Best enjoyed with hot cocoa and a cozy blanket. Read More
Can You Match These Lyrics to the Right Christmas Song?
This is tough! Read More
41 "Christmas Vacation" Quotes That Never Fail to Crack People Up
Everybody has a cousin Eddie. Everybody. Read More
This Map Shows People's Favorite Christmas Desserts by State, and It's Surprisingly Cheesey
There's nothing like festive sweets to get you in the holiday spirit. Read More
Here's How Hallmark Set Decorators Still Made the Magic of Christmas Happen During a Pandemic
The spirit of Christmas is even more integral to these films than you'd think. Read More
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