The Easiest Last-Minute Gift Possible

You've missed most shipping deadlines, so look here for gifting alternatives that are still thoughtful and good.
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Treat Yourself to the Gift of Esquire
Now that you've got your holiday gifting settled, why not do something for number one? If you love the work we do here at Esquire, it's time you joined our new club, Esquire Select. With your membership, you'll get an annual subscription to the print magazine, unlimited access to—including Politics with Charles P. Pierce, a weekly members-only newsletter, access to exclusive deals from our favorite brands, and more. It's the best money you'll spend on yourself all year. Read More
If You Still Need a Gift, Buy One of These
In the age of one-click Internet shopping, you've got no excuse for coming up short in the giving of gifts. Especially now, in the home stretch, time is a precious commodity—you don't want to waste it browsing, nor do you want to hang around the front door, eyes peeled for the UPS guy as the days left 'til the holidays tick away. Which is where we come in. Here are some stylish, no-fail, last-minute options to choose from, no matter the occasion and no matter who you're looking for. Each will get to you fast (thanks, delivery folks), and in some cases, immediately, as is the beauty of subscription box gift cards and membership clubs. Take a look. You'll easily outdo your gift-giving efforts of years past. Read More
The Best Christmas Movies You Can Watch on Netflix Right Now
Maybe it's the Christmas cheer that makes our hearts more open to movies with cookie-cutter narratives and manufactured sentiments. Or, maybe it's just that our holiday party benders have us mentally sedated enough to enjoy Hallmark movie marathons. Either way, while there are plenty of Christmas classics for those with a more refined taste in films, it's no secret by now that most of us are prone to getting a cinematic sweet-tooth for the holiday season. Formulaic happy endings with paper-thin characters and hardly any substance? Yes, please! Luckily, Netflix has caught onto this trend, and is ready to fill our insatiable appetite for corny movies with a catalogue of Hallmark-esque originals like The Holiday Calendar and The Knight Before Christmas. Looking for something with a bit more to it? Fret not. Netflix has plenty of Christmas staples to please the film snob Scrooges in your house. Here are the best Christmas movies on Netflix. Read More
The Warmest Winter Hats to Buy Now, and Wear For Seasons to Come
Winter, and this winter especially, is the best time to embrace your inner hat guy. We've long extolled the virtues of the humble beanie, but the seasonal hat-related excitement shouldn't stop there! Why not rock a baseball cap (in a winter-ready wool or flannel) like you're an old-timey big leaguer slowly plodding out to the field after conspicuously ripping half a pack of cigarettes in the dugout? Or fully freak it and reach for the type of furry trapper hat you might've worn if you were born a few centuries earlier to a family of rugged outdoorsmen (ha!) looking to hunt down an elk before breakfast. In this age of actor slash this and creative director slash that, why not be a man who literally wears many hats, no hyphen needed? This winter, be the hat guy. Here's where to start. Read More
You've Been Making Egg Nog the Wrong Way
Of all the drinks we pour back during the holiday season, none feel so inextricably tied to the Christmas spirit as eggnog. And like a hearty brick of fruitcake or Alvin and the Chipmunks blasting through the speakers, it's a polarizing tradition: Chances are you've already made up your mind about where you stand on a creamy, boozy punch built on a foundation of egg. But maybe you've been drinking the wrong 'nog. We're not saying there's anything wrong with store-bought, but the mass-produced stuff you dump from a carton and mix with whatever liquor you can find will never compare to making it yourself from scratch. Consider it a Christmas miracle, then, that whipping up a batch is almost as easy as drinking it. Here's a recipe with Don Q rum and Hennessy that will fill a punch bowl and keep any holiday party merry and bright. Read More
A Child's Christmas in Wales
In this holiday classic by legendary Welsh writer Dylan Thomas—which Esquire published in its December 1955 issue, two years after his death—a man remembers the fantastical Christmases of his boyhood. Lines like, "I can never remember whether it snowed for six days and six nights when I was twelve or whether it snowed for twelve days and twelve nights when I was six," will stick with you forever. It's an absolute must read this time of year, and it's best enjoyed read aloud to your family, your dogs, or just yourself. Read More
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