David Lynch: We Should Take Time to Daydream

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Recently, David Lynch's most public artworks have been his daily videos, from narrated weather reports to an unexplained, ongoing lottery, for which the filmmaker pulls numbered balls from a jar. At the age of seventy-four, Lynch has become one of the surprise YouTube breakout stars of the past year, illustrating the repetition we are all enduring in the age of the pandemic, as we watch the days float by and seek meaning anywhere, including in a sequence of random digits.

'We are all like detectives, trying to figure out the meaning of life,' he tells ArtReview's Ross Simonini, in a conversation that ranges from the pleasures of painting outdoors to how to keep the ideas flowing. 'The same thing goes for film. You want to find a meaning – at least some people do. But now the world goes so fast. It's just screaming on the surface loudly. And there's not that much time for people to contemplate things and daydream and ponder.'

Already a self-described hermit, Lynch has been quite forthright about his enjoyment of the lockdown and its benefits for his art. The pandemic 'has slowed things down and people come face-to-face with themselves and it's scary. People are going nuts and they're looking for any entertainment or any kind of thing to escape just being by themselves and thinking about things,' he says. 'Things slow down and you find yourself with yourself. But I think something really good is gonna come on the other side of this pandemic and all the changes that are going on. A good time is coming for us all.'

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