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Every Thursday, Stylist's editors present nine carefully curated items from some of the UK's most innovative and exciting independent brands. This week, brighten up your home with Cottonesque London's colourful macrame wall hangings, treat yourself to Lovelulu's Curvy Candle collection or try out Albus & Flora's Multi-Active Lip Balms (perfect for this cold weather).
Give your coffee table a lift with these handmade agate-inspired coasters, available in two designs
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Like a facial for your scalp, the En Root Scalp Treatment exfoliates, moisturises and stimulates hair growth for a Rapunzel-esque mane
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We can't get enough of this set of body-positive candles, available in four skintones. Bonus: the creamy coconut scent
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We all need this reminder from time to time – add a personalised message to the bottom right corner to make it bespoke
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Keen to switch to natural deodorant? Get a third off the usual price of this Organic Skinfoods Detox Deodorant
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ALBUS & FLORA / £14.40
Suffering from chapped lips after all those lockdown walks? This Multi-active Lip Balm, available in five colours, is here to help
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INNERMOST / £29.95
Boost your post-workout glow-up with The Health Protein that's designed to aid the immune system and muscle repair
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COLT & WILLOW / £10.80
The geranium essential oil in the Geranium Leaf All-Purpose Cleaner is a proven mood-lifter
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Add a boho vibe to your home with 10% off this macrame wall hanging, available in three colours
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Image credits: Blackbelle Prints; Centred; Lovelulu; Martha Brook; Elsa's Organic Skinfoods; Albus & Flora; Innermost; Colt & Willow; Cottonesque London
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