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"The Best Thing I've Ever Bought"
In the first of our new series, Stylist's editor-in-chief Lisa Smosarski shares the purchase that brings her immense joy

"For years I had wanted some champagne coupes, the type of glass befitting a French period drama, and had dabbled with a few cheap ones which had never quite done the job. Then, on a night out at Soho House, I was treated to a glass of champagne in a cut crystal coupe. It was weighty and beautiful, the bubbles dancing satisfyingly across the surface, and the champagne was even tastier when sipped from this glass of luxury.

"So when Soho Home launched in 2016, giving people the opportunity to buy some of the venue's homeware, I knew what I wanted: fancy coupes to call my own. Given my strong record of smashing glasses, this was a risky investment – they're not cheap. But I can safely say splashing out changed the way I drink at home. They force me to drink better wine (yes, I drink wine out of them as well as fizz) and take my time. They make me feel grown-up, sophisticated and decadent.

"Prior to lockdown, I saved them for special occasions but now they've become part of my weekend ritual – my Friday evening slowdown always starts with a chilled sparkling rose in my favourite glass. New Year's Eve saw one come to a dramatic end (it died doing what it loved), but I'm happy to invest again for this simple moment of luxury in my life." Barwell Cut Crystal Champagne Coupe, £32 each, Liberty London, or £152 for a set of four, Soho Home


Need a new lockdown project? Get your photos printed online then organise them in one of these albums
Photo album or serious work of art? We could stare at this gorgeous hand-marbled creation all day
This chic butterscotch design doubles up as a coffee table book so your memories are close to hand
KIKKI K / £24
This dusky rose beauty has a handy pocket to store all your precious messages, photos and keepsakes
EXACOMPTA / £29.99
With cut-out windows and space for 300 photos, this chic mauve album is just the thing for social butterflies
Bound in ultra-fine cotton with a pretty berry pattern, this album has plenty of family heirloom potential
Crafted from recycled leather, this highlighter green album won't ever get lost on your bookshelf


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Chronic people-pleasers, this new podcast is for you

Back in 2015, Sarah Knight released her first book The Life-Changing Magic Of Not Giving A F**k. Taking tongue-in-cheek inspiration from Marie Kondo's guide to tidying, the book's premise was that we can all get sucked into wasting time, headspace and emotional energy on situations that simply aren't worth it. Knight's modern approach to self-help struck a chord with people – particularly women – and her book swiftly became a global bestseller, spawning an entire series around the concept.

Now, Knight has launched her first podcast. No F*cks Given, the second episode of which just dropped, builds on the strategies outlined in her books – from 'making a f*ck budget' (figuring out how much time and energy you actually have in a week, and consciously planning where to use it) to 'cleaning out your mental barn' (deciding what you're no longer going to feel guilty about). "If you're already good at setting boundaries, this podcast may not be for you," says Stylist Loves' deputy editor Moya Crockett. "But if like many, you struggle with the impulse to please others at the expense of your own wellbeing, it could be just the pep talk you need." Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher 

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