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Ease period cramps with these 3 glute and core exercises

It's an outdated trope that women crumble as soon as their period hits – we all know that we're perfectly capable of working, training and watching It's A Sin without becoming an emotional wreck (OK, perhaps not the last one). But we shouldn't ignore the fact that our bodies are in a state of flux during menstruation. There's no shame in adapting our plans to accommodate pain, discomfort or tiredness – particularly when it comes to working out.

"Exercise in general increases endorphins, which are natural painkillers," explains holistic gynaecologist Dr Hind Al-Husain. "But glute and core exercises are particularly useful as they increase blood flow to the pelvis which helps to 'flush away' prostaglandins, the main cause of contractions of the uterine muscles and therefore pain."

Watch the video to learn three glute-strengthening and core-engaging moves from Strong Women Training Club trainer Janine George that you can do at your own pace – whether you feel ready to take on the world or ready for a lie down.



Training Club exclusive: how to plan drinking around your workouts now that Dry January is over

Can you really 'bank' sleep in advance for busy days ahead?

If you've ever tried to clock up extra hours of sleep to counteract times when you know you'll need to stay up late to meet an urgent deadline or set a 4:30am alarm for an international conference call, you'll be familiar with the concept of 'sleep banking'. But is this method really effective? We asked a sleep expert to explain whether loading up on sleep one night can make a busy week ahead more manageable.


Whether you're training in your living room or pounding the pavements, Puma's new performance-wear collection has got you covered…
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This simple 25-minute at-home HIIT workout is more effective than running

Show yourself some love with these heart-healthy vegan truffles

Whether you love or loathe Valentine's Day, these chocolate, chilli and coconut truffles are just the thing to make on the weekend. And they're better for you than a box of Charbonnel et Walker, thanks to coconut's high levels of medium-chain triglycerides – a type of fat that's associated with heart health. Plus, the flavanols found in cocoa powder lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation in your body. Our weekends could sure use a kick right now, so we'll be welcoming these chilli truffles with open arms.   



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Stylist's fitness editor Meriam Ahari finds a nutrition bar that reminds her of her favourite childhood snack – and she couldn't be more thrilled. 

What? Keto Hana Cocoa & Mint Keto Bar, £2.79 each or £24.99 for a box of 12

What is it? A low-carb, high-fat energy bar that tastes good – and doesn't contain preservatives.

The verdict: "When I first took a bite of the Cocoa & Mint Keto Bar, it instantly took me back to childhood memories of devouring my favourite snack: Girl Scout cookies (I'm American so all kids grew up on them). I had many favourite flavours, but my top two were always Thin Mints (crisp and chocolatey, with a hint of peppermint) and Samoas (a chewy mix of caramel, coconut and more chocolate). To my surprise, this flavoursome bar tastes like a mash-up of the two (or at least an adult version of them).

I typically reach for this bar during my daily post-lunch energy crash to give me the boost I need to get through my at-home workout after spending eight hours in front of my laptop. At £2.79 a bar, it's definitely one of my more expensive snacks, but if you buy a box in bulk you can save almost £9.

I like that these bars taste so natural (all the ingredients are recognisable, from the coconut and almonds to the sunflower seeds and peppermint oil), are a quick and easy snack that I don't have to think about prepping – and did I mention they taste like a cookie? I also tried Keto Hana's other flavours: Cocoa & Orange and Cocoa & Nuts, but the Cocoa & Mint will always have my heart." 


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