Get the most out of rest day | Warm running leggings | Relieve sore knees and hips.

Training Club exclusive: support your WFH habits with this strong back workout

You may not have access to a squat rack anytime soon, but strengthening your posterior chain (the muscles in the back of your body) is about more than just lifting heavy. In fact, training your glutes and hamstrings is key to counteracting the hours upon hours that we spend sitting down – which is needed more than ever now that we're missing out on office commutes (did you ever think you'd actually miss those?) and lunchtime walks to Pret.

This full body workout from our Strong Women Training Club targets all the right muscles. While front raises might not seem like your typical back day exercise, strengthening your traps and front delts works to correct a hunched posture.

Not a Training Club member yet? Sign up now for access to two new strength training videos every week, as well as more than 100 technique videos for learning new moves and ensuring that you're practising correct form to prevent injury. You'll also get access to exclusive discounts and offers, plus exclusive in-depth articles with tips and advice from fitness experts.


7 tricks to make new routines stick – so you can maintain fitness goals well into 2021

January's can-do attitude may have got you off to a great start, but it's hard to keep up the momentum once the most motivational month of the year comes to a close. These realistic tips will help you stick to your new habits well into 2021 and beyond.


This is why your knees and hips are so sore – and what to do about it


Flimsy kit and freezing temps are not a fun combination. Throw on thermal leggings when you need motivation to leave the house
Keep the wind chill out in fleece-lined temperature-regulating leggings with a snug compression fit. Take that, February
OYSHO / £36
With fabric so toasty and cosy, you won't want to take these high-waisted leggings off when you're back home from your run
ADIDAS / £63
This thermal fabric offers a warm hug that would rival your workout buddies – perfect now that socially-distanced running is in
Soggy gym kit is a recipe for the chills. Pull on moisture-wicking heat-tech leggings for protection from the elements
ODLO / £65
Natural yak wool keeps your body heated in frigid weather and these tights will do just that – minus the itchiness
You might not be flying down the slopes any time soon, but these leggings harness the same cold-weather tech as ski wear


6 fitness trainers share how they spend rest days for optimum recovery

Power through the week with a revamp of a classic pasta dish

If there's anything that could hit the spot on a Monday night in lockdown while you tackle your new crafting project (or not…), it's a big bowl of spag bol. And if your Veganuary has blossomed into a long-term love affair with plant-based choices, this option will leave you licking your lips – who says vegans miss out?

In fact, this pasta dish is filled to the brim with energising goodness. The base of the herby sauce is made from walnuts, mushrooms and tomatoes – all great sources of B vitamins to maintain energy levels. And let's not forget everyone's favourite bit: the noodles, which are rich in satiating carbohydrates, vitamin B and iron, for the kind of stamina you need to get through that pesky cross stitch you've been trying to nail. There's no defeating you this week.


Training Club exclusive: how long does it take to see results from strength training?

Stylist's social media assistant Meeka McKenzie searches for kit to keep her warm during her runs – without overheating

What? Van Loon Sport Modaluxe® Base Layer Top, £110 and Modaluxe® Base Layer Leggings, £95

What are they? Base layers that can be worn alone or underneath clothing, made with fabric designed to be warm and comfortable.

The verdict: "I get cold easily, so usually have to layer up when going for runs during the winter. This top and leggings are made using Van Loon Sport's Modaluxe® fabric, which works to maintain a stable body temperature in cold environments. The tech behind the fabric boils down to an innovative knit construction designed to hold a pocket of warm air next to the skin, while encouraging sweat to evaporate.

"I threw a light jacket over the set then went for a five mile run on a day when it was 0°C outside, followed by post-workout stretches. Not being swaddled in multiple layers meant I had more freedom of movement and was able to have a more intense run – and lasted for even longer than I usually do without getting too cold or feeling overheated. The quality lived up to the high price point: I have fairly sensitive skin and found both pieces to be comfortable, not irritating. They might be just the motivation I need to get outside in the cold days ahead." 


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