According to This Big-Deal Data, Your Post-Pandemic Sex Life Is Going to Be…Interesting

We've uncovered some seriously *wipes brow* hot stuff about the future.
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According to This Big-Deal Data, Your Post-Pandemic Sex Life Is Going to Be…Interesting
It's been half a century since the sexual revolution and we're still waiting for version 2.0. And who would have thought that of all the things to actually trigger it—sex toys, dating apps, millennials—a viral pandemic would be the one? But here we are, on the brink of the end of the longest year of our lives, looking at a new world order in which every aspect of our existence will be a little bit something-that-rhymes-with-unschmrecedented, including and maybe most drastically our relationships. Here, at last, the dawn of the new age of sex. One might assume—including your own Cosmopolitan and Esquire editors, who started discussing this shift last year, tossing around our respective expertise in the lives of American women and men—that the next era would look like just...a shit ton of casual sex. One might be wrong.

After surveying 2,000 people around the country (with the help of our actual-expert friends at the famed Kinsey Institute), spending dozens of hours grilling social scientists, and talking to literally anyone with sexual organs who would listen, we've arrived at a very different reality.

And it's...impressive? Exciting? Daunting but also very not? Basically, it's relief, from literally whatever sexual meh you've been in. Because the future of sex is this: every person—single or coupled (or throupled, and more on that in a minute)—very intentionally seeking better and bolder sex, not just more of it. In fact, sometimes purposefully less. Let us explain.


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