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Find yourself relying on takeaways a bit too much? Ocado Zoom is the alternative we've all been waiting for…

There are many CBA moments in life, but one of the greatest is having to pop into an express supermarket after a long day of WFH and think of something to make in one of the most uninspiring places on the planet.

By the time you've Jenga'd your ingredients through the self-checkout, only to be told there's nothing in the bagging area, you're about ready to jack the lot in and order a takeaway.

But when you do succumb to the takeaway, you're often left feeling you could have made something better yourself if only you CouldBA.

Well, if you're in West London, the answer to all of the above woes lies in Ocado Zoom

The speedy delivery service brings a choice of over 10,000 grocery items to your door in less that 60 minutes – beating your takeaway addiction on convenience and quality.

Better yet, we have an exclusive code for 20% off your shop – enter STYLIST at the checkout or hit the button below to get started.

Read on for everything else you need to know…
The minimum spend is super-reasonable

While most online groceries will cost you a minimum of £40 plus a delivery fee, Ocado Zoom has a minimum spend of only £15, meaning you can order just the bits you forgot to get on your big shop without the faff.

The delivery fee won't make you wince

With a delivery fee from £1.99 it's on a par with what it costs you to get a pizza delivered, only you can guarantee the toppings haven't fallen off and the grease isn't coming through the cardboard.

Perfect for the time-poor and the entertainers

The 60-minute delivery time means it's as perfect for ordering just as you get hungry around 5pm, to arrive on your doorstep as soon as you log off, as it is for those impromptu friends popping around to your garden who 100% require crisps and wine.

They currently cover West London

Ocado Zoom is currently delivering in Ealing, Acton, Chiswick, Shepherds Bush, Hammersmith, Kew and West Kensington (where delivery is 90mins) but keep an eye out for them coming to the rest of London. In the meantime, check if they deliver to your postcode here.

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