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1. Global stocks rise higher and bitcoin rebounds. Find out what markets are doing

2. Elon Musk defends his influence over dogecoin. He said his sway is limited after calling for developers to suggest improvements to the coin.

3. JPMorgan says the recent headwinds in the cryptocurrency industry are similar to the 2017 collapse. Investors are diversifying out of bitcoin and ether into riskier altcoins again. 

4. Biden's administration is reportedly looking into crypto regulation. The aim is to protect investors and prevent illegal activity

5. Cryptocurrencies are overtaking meme stocks in discussion on Reddit. Retail investors seem to be chasing quick returns on their investments. 

6. Earnings expected. Watch out for Okta, Nvidia and the Bank of Montreal

7. On the economic calendar. A quiet day on the data front

8. Jeremy Grantham's right-hand man Ben Inker has revived a bubble-investing strategy that returned 80% in the dot-com era. He details the downtrodden parts of the market he's buying — and unpacks the 'Ponzi scheme' areas he's shorting.

9. 5 crypto heavyweights break down whether the recent crash signals the end of the bull market. They also share how the digital currency could live up to cypherpunk Hal Finney's historic $10 million per bitcoin price prediction

10. Warren Buffett is hoarding $80 billion of cash, cleaning up his stock portfolio, and declining to bash bitcoin. Veteran investor Thomas Russo says why that strategy will ultimately pay off.


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