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19 May 2021
When Autonomous Cars Teach Themselves to Drive Better Than Humans

A human almost certainly wouldn't be this nice to a cyclist, but for an autonomous car, it's the obvious thing to do.


Applying 5G in automotive the 3GPP releases from LTE supporting basic safety messages to 5G pave the way to ubiquidious and future proof automotive connectivity.


Tula Technology Applies its Engine Smarts to EV Motors

Standards groups are working on safety rules for robotic cars, but codifying them won't be easy.
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Cadillac Says No More Internal Combustion Models by 2030

The American luxury carmaker announces plans to sell only EVs by decade's end—but who's buying?
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Will Turntide's Reluctance Motor Disrupt EVs?

The company's motor offers outstanding efficiency in HVAC systems for buildings; will e-cars be next?
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China's Most Popular EV is No Longer a Tesla

A new EV made by General Motors and Chinese manufacturers underlines the virtues of Lilliputian size.
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Autonomous vehicles face navigation challenges when terrain features obstruct the environment. This paper, "FinnForest dataset: A forest landscape for visual SLAM," explores the use of SLAM in a natural setting.


The new Ellipse-D INS embeds a quad constellations and dual frequency RTK GNSS receiver to bring centimetric position and unmatched accuracy. It can be connected to an OBDII Odometer.


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