It's Time To Meet the Cast of 'In the Heights'

This will be the best movie you'll see all summer.
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It's Time To Meet the Cast of 'In the Heights'
In the Heights is about to splash into theaters on June 11, and I'm 100 percent prepared for this to become the movie of the summer. Aside from the story being conceived by a walking Broadway genius (does the name Lin-Manuel Miranda mean anything to you, dear reader?), it's been a long time coming for musical theater fans. And now that we're finally going to have it in our hands, I'm truly ready for the story to rock my world—quite literally.

But before you get ready to walk into your local movie theater and buy yourself the works (popcorn, soda, Sour Patch Kids, etc.), I feel it's necessary to introduce you to the cast making up the members of this Washington Heights community. There are many faces you'll already recognize, whether you've spent your entire quarantine watching TV or went to a Broadway show or two pre-pandemic. They're talented, they're dynamic, they're the moment.

So folks, get ready to fall in love and move those hips, because here's the cast of In the Heights.


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