The 14-year game of hide and seek, finally solved by the internet

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Misophonia: Scientists discover the brain connection responsible for ‘supersensitivity’ to noise

New research suggests people with misophonia have increased connectivity in the brain between the auditory cortex and the motor control areas related to the face, mouth and throat.
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A scientist’s guide to bagging the best holiday deal

Thinking of booking a summer holiday? Wherever you’re planning on going, analytics consultant Andrew Willshire is here to help you beat the algorithms and bag the best deal.
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Find Satoshi: The 14-year game of hide and seek, finally solved by the internet

A puzzle that remained unanswered for more than 14 years has now been solved, thanks to technological leaps in image searching.
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Sorry, the Milky Way isn’t as cool as we thought it was

But a new discovery could be a game-changer, both for the history of our galaxy and the future of astronomy.
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Put kit back in play. Sell your photo and video kit to MPB.
In the UK, research shows more than half of photographers and videographers have kit they haven’t used in two years. Every single hidden-away camera and forgotten lens has potential. And that’s why MPB is here. Every month, visual storytellers in the UK get quotes to sell more than 44,000 cameras and lenses to MPB. Put kit back in play. Get free doorstep pickup. Get paid within two days. Get a free instant quote
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Robot paramedic delivers CPR to heart attack patients

The technology being rolled out in the south uses Bluetooth to configure the compression rate and depth needed for a patient's resuscitation.
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Asthma in children linked to pollution exposure in the womb

Pregnant women exposed to high levels of tiny particles may give birth to children with a higher risk of asthma, according to a new study.
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What is the fastest animal in relation to body size?

Spoiler: it’s not a cheetah.
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