Week in Review: The GOP Future Is Bright

The signs are pointing to a Republican-led House in 2023.
May 23 2021
May 23 2021
Rich Lowry

The GOP Future Is Bright

The story of 2021 is not a Republican meltdown. Despite what you read, the party stands a good chance to end its bout in the ...   READ MORE


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Andrew Follett

Calm Down, Everyone: The 'UFOs' Aren't Aliens

It seems like suddenly everyone believes that aliens exist. But the UFO videos we keep seeing prove nothing of the ...

The Editors

Biden Balks on Russia



Senator Roy Blunt Says It's 'Too Early' to Form January 6 Commission

His comments come after the Democrat-controlled House last week passed legislation for a bipartisan ...

Matt Mackowiak and Cleo Petricek

Austin's Revolt against a Homelessness Surge

Voters in Austin, Texas, passed an ordinance to ban public encampments, and community organizations provide ...

Kevin D. Williamson

The Distraction Storm

Our current cultural convulsion is being used as moral camouflage for failing institutions, from city governments ...

Matthew Continetti

The Revolution Comes for Israel

As long as Hamas remains in power, Israel will be forced to defend itself. The Jewish State's position in American ...


Rand Paul Says He Will Not Receive a COVID-19 Vaccine

The Kentucky Republican, who in March 2020 became the first senator to test positive for COVID-19, said it was a ...









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