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Fans of psychological thrillers will love this #MeToo-inspired mystery

Psychological thrillers often build suspense by sowing doubts about the 'real' villain's identity – and The New York Times bestselling crime writer Laura Lippman plays with this trope to addictive effect in her new novel, Dream Girl (Faber), out today. Her distinctly unreliable narrator is Gerry Andersen, a famous 61-year-old American author who's confined to his bed by a fall. When he starts getting unsettling phone calls from a woman claiming to be the protagonist of his debut novel, Gerry thinks he's being harassed – or succumbing to dementia. But the truth is even darker and more complicated than that.

"Gradually, Gerry is forced to reflect on his past and confront an unpleasant question: what if he's been the villain in several women's real-life stories all along?" says Stylist Loves' deputy editor Moya Crockett. "I won't give away Dream Girl's twists and turns – suffice to say they are plentiful, varied and jaw-dropping – but I will say that you shouldn't be put off by the cheesy cover or title. Just soapy enough to be an entertaining summer read, this thriller is also a thought-provoking examination of one man's reckoning with the shifting norms of a post-#MeToo world. I was utterly hooked." £14.99, Bookshop.org

Anklets are back – even Rosie Huntington-Whiteley agrees 
ORELIA / £20
This super-thin gold-plated chain teamed with textured coins transports us straight to the Turkish Riviera (we wish)
Also available in gold, get an exclusive 25% off the regular price of this simple pearl drop chain that minimalists will love
Don't want to throw a load of cash at this trend? The trusty British high street has delivered the double strand, beaded goods
SEOL + GOLD / £47.95
Having a meh day? Malachite beads are said to absorb negative energy – or you'll just feel better whenever you look down
Take one anklet trend, blend it with the beaded jewellery trend and this turquoise, pearl and gold number is the result
The delicate pavé charms might not feel like water droplets strung around your ankle but they'll sure look like it

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Sip cocktails and support London's hidden gem bars at this post-lockdown celebration

Lockdown might have forced us to become pros at knocking up cocktails at home (with a bit of help from Stanley Tucci), but there's nothing like an expertly crafted paloma/spritz/negroni sipped in surroundings that aren't a) our kitchens or b) the park. So we're very excited about the London Cocktail Week Warm-Up – a new initiative from London Cocktail Week, designed to celebrate the easing of restrictions and support small venues that have struggled over the past 16 months.

A mini version of the main festival that takes place in October, the week-long event will see 30 of the capital's best hidden gem bars creating special discounted cocktails for those who buy a wristband. Not only will you be able to hit up the likes of Coupette, Laki Lane and The Shrub & Shutter, sampling signature drinks for just £7 a pop, it's also a great opportunity to support small businesses (none of the bars have outdoor space, meaning they've had to stay closed for the longest). Better yet, the wristband will grant you entry for both next week's event and the main London Cocktail Week festival. We'll drink to that. 5-11 July; £15; londoncocktailweek.com

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