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This new short story collection quietly encapsulates the messiness of modern womanhood

As far as writing pedigrees go, it doesn't get much more impressive than The New Yorker and The Paris Review – so it's no surprise that journalist Clare Sestanovich's first anthology contains 11 tightly-edited, perfectly-observed vignettes, all with women of various ages at their core. Objects Of Desire (Pan Macmillan), out tomorrow, whispers rather than shouts. The tone throughout is cool and detached, which makes Sestanovich's characters – some named, some anonymous – even more potent as they face a cacophony of modern relationship issues.

"From the college graduate whose best friend sleeps with her polyamorous housemates to the middle-aged career woman who walks away from her business after a sexual harassment lawsuit, Sestanovich's sparsely-written stories are heavy on characters and situations that feel familiar, either from your own life, that of your friends or from everyday occurrences that are all too recognisable," says Stylist Loves' editor Gemma Crisp. "This is not a warm-hearted, cuddly collection of flowery prose that's bursting with galloping plots – but it is a smart, incisive look at the complexities of being a woman right now." £14.99, Bookshop.org

From lucky symbols to tiny treats, pendant charms are the easiest way to add some personality to your jewellery box
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New best friend alert: designer Estelle Dévé's 18k gold sausage dog is a miniature work of art
Hang this recycled sterling silver crescent moon on one of your hoop earrings for a bohemian touch
Inspired by southern Italy, this green onyx pendant deserves a spot on your favourite gold chain
Co-star obsessives, this rose gold-plated charm comes hand-engraved with your zodiac symbol
Prepare for everyone to ask where you acquired this adorable gold-plated custard cream pendant
Set with a tiny blue topaz, this modern-day evil eye talisman will draw nothing but admiring glances

5 coconut recipes that will instantly transport you somewhere tropical
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Celebrate Black femininity in all its forms at this new all-women art exhibition

Women artists are underrepresented in British galleries in general, so it's always A Good Thing when an exhibition showcases 100% female talent. But it's even rarer for Black women to get their moment in the sun – which is why Mother Of Mankind is so unmissable. Opening tomorrow at London's House Of Fine Art in collaboration with Accra-based gallery ADA, the show brings together 18 emerging and award-winning Black female artists from around the world, including Jamilla Okubo, Sophia Oshodin and Cece Philips.

"The women presented in this show are in the early days of their artistic careers, yet already making waves and drawing attention amidst an industry which tends to be more supportive of their male counterparts," says curator Adora Mba. Digging into themes such as identity, sexuality and family, the exhibition explores what it means to be a woman from Africa and the African diaspora today – while forging new and varied definitions of Black femininity. Think modern portraiture, spirit-lifting colours and rich narratives, underpinned by a sense that the art world is slowly but surely changing. What more could you want from an exhibition? From 22 July-31 August; free; 11 Bruton St, London, W1J

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Image credits: Edward Friedman; Alan Benson; © Luke Albert; Brent Parker Jones/Loup/Ren Pidgeon; Jamilla Okubo, 'I do not come to you as a reality. I come to you as The Myth (Pentecost),' 2021, mixed media, acrylic on canvas, 183 x 244cm (courtesy of the artist and Mehari Sequar Gallery); Sophia Oshodin, 'Three Graces,' acrylic, gouache on canvas, 120 x 100cm, 2021 (courtesy of the artist, ADA and HOFA); Cece Phillips, 'Spectators', 60x48", oil and acrylic on canvas (courtesy of the artist, ADA and HOFA); Muofhe Manavhela, 'Woman with pearls resting,' 2021, acrylic on canvas, 120 x 150cm (courtesy of the artist, ADA and HOFA); courtesy of brands
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