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We love that you’re so dedicated to keeping up with the latest from Cracked--and we want to give you more! That’s why we’re introducing an exclusive new component to your daily newsletter: One Cracked Fact.

As the world re-opens and you experience a whole new wave of social anxiety, One Cracked Fact will be here to give you at least one interesting conversation starter every day.
And if you also learn something--like the fact that Skittles all have the same flavor, or that sharks existed before trees--even better! One Cracked Fact will appear exclusively in your Cracked daily newsletter along with your beloved links to our most-recent articles, Pictofacts, videos, and more.

Look for the debut of One Cracked Fact in your Cracked daily newsletter starting Monday, July 26th. And, if you’ve recently learned something mind blowing, let us know at

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