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Jodie Comer's new TV drama about the Covid-19 care home crisis is a must-watch

"Of the 48,213 Covid-19 deaths registered between mid-March and mid-June 2020, 40% were care home residents." This is one of the shocking statistics that appears on screen in Channel 4's starkly powerful drama Help, starring Jodie Comer and Stephen Graham. Set in a Liverpool care home, the feature-length drama – airing tonight on Channel 4 – was written specifically for the two Liverpudlian actors by Jack Thorne (Harry Potter And The Cursed Child, His Dark Materials). Comer plays Sarah, an inexperienced care home assistant who befriends Tony (Graham), a resident with early onset dementia. 

As the Covid-19 pandemic begins to creep around the edges of the home, Sarah and her colleagues find themselves battling PPE shortages and a lack of information, before it becomes a full-blown and devastating crisis. Though the characters are fictional, their stories are based on lived experiences. "Watching Help was a fully visceral experience," says Stylist's entertainment director Helen Bownass. "I went through fury, grief, shame, horror and (on occasion) laughter, too. This deals in very recent history, so watching it can be like repeatedly prodding a bruise – it's painful. But it's also a vital watch that shines an unflinching spotlight on those faceless statistics that we've all become so numb to." 16 September, 9pm, Channel 4

Need a new pair of glasses? Look to 70s-style frames in autumnal brown, red and terracotta hues
Available in five retro colours, these should be worn with a collared shirt and denim flares
Don't need prescription lenses but love the look of clear glasses? These orange frames are for you
These were actually made in the 70s – brilliantly, you can get them fitted with new prescription lenses
DIOR / £75
Gloria Steinem's aviators will always be iconic. Channel the aesthetic with this tortoiseshell style
RAY-BAN / £131
Big fan of rose gold jewellery? Coppery frames will complement your favourite accessories
GUESS / £103.50
Annie Hall would surely approve of this supersized pair – the dappled frames remind us of fall foliage

3 celebratory vegan desserts that are much simpler than they look

You're Going To Love: SwearBy Skin
In the latest chapter of our series spotlighting up-and-coming independent brands with female and non-binary founders, meet beauty brand SwearBy Skin

What is it? Launched in March, SwearBy Skin is a modern beauty brand making LED skincare affordable and accessible to all.

Who's behind it? British TV executive Shenae Rae, 33, who was inspired to launch the business after moving to Los Angeles. "LA is a major destination for non-invasive skin treatments," she says. "[It] opened my eyes to revolutionary beauty brands that catered to all skin types and tones." Feeling frustrated by the lack of options for darker skin tones in the UK, Rae decided to take action, launching SwearBy Skin at the start of the pandemic.

Why you'll love it: By now, you've probably seen plenty of influencers wearing LED (light-emitting diode) masks on Instagram: they deploy varying wavelengths of light, not including harmful ultraviolet rays, to address a range of skincare concerns. Salon treatments can be expensive, but SwearBy Skin's reusable LookLit LED mask comes in at under £100, and is designed to tackle everything from acne to hyperpigmentation. Simply pop it on for 10-minute sessions a few times a week. "I've been wanting to get on the LED mask bandwagon for some time now and while I haven't had long enough to fully test its results, I love how streamlined this wireless version is," says Stylist's beauty director Shannon Peter. "It's light as a feather, doesn't pinch the nose or temples and you can actually see through it without squinting, making it easy to use while watching Netflix." £75, swearbyskin.com

Brought to you by The V&A
Buy tickets to the V&A's Bags: Inside Out – an exploration into the ultimate accessory at the V&A
The first-ever Birkin bag, Winston Churchill's despatch box and Carrie Bradshaw's Fendi 'Baguette' feature in Bags: Inside Out. The exhibition ends on 16th January 2022. Terms and conditions apply, see the website for details. 

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Seahorse green is fashion's new favourite shade, according to Bottega Veneta

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