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sick of hearing the words "Great Resignation"—and almost as sick of attending virtual goodbye parties. But while the influx of employees quitting is a sad reality for many companies right now, it doesn't have to be. Here are some things management can easily do to keep workers from walking out the door.

Building strong, cohesive and empowering work cultures can certainly mitigate the risk of resignation. Leaders should try these six strategies to do so. It's also clear that demand for top-notch workers is outstripping supply. However, it's not impossible to weather the "Great Resignation" storm. Here are four ways you can rebuild a stellar team.



P.S. As someone who always likes to achieve "inbox zero," I'm typically quick to respond to work emails. But I recently learned that being first to respond to group messages may not make the intended impression. The next time you receive a group email and feel compelled to reply immediately, here are three steps to consider instead.

Kristin Stoller

Kristin Stoller

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The Job Market Is Hot: Now Is The Time To Build Your Career
The Job Market Is Hot: Now Is The Time To Build Your Career

Employers are struggling to find and hire great talent—and as a result they are offering increased pay, perks and opportunities.

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Work From Home

The pandemic not only challenged but exposed workplace inequalities—especially among remote workers. Here are four tips on how you can effectively lead your hybrid team.

While we all crave more face-to-face sessions, hybrid collaboration is here to stay. Try these five apps to improve your meeting productivity in Zoom.

More and more companies are taking location out of the picture when hiring new employees. Here are four ways companies can help workers be productive wherever they choose to work.


Learn To Lead

It's obvious that demonstrating empathy is positive for people. But this new research shows its importance to everything from innovation to retention and beyond.

Like world-class athletes, the best leaders acknowledge their weaknesses and address them head-on. Here are the four steps you need to take to break a bad-behavior habit.

Making time for development conversations is an essential part of increasing your team's effectiveness. When you're in a crunch period, consider these four tactics to make development a natural part of your week.

Climb The Ladder

Have you been offered a bigger role, but are scared about taking on management duties? Here are three questions to ask yourself before turning down a promotion.

One of the characteristics that bosses absolutely love to see in their employees is a learning mindset. To advance your career, discuss these two issues with your manager every month.

It's no secret that the right mentor can significantly improve your career trajectory. But this just might be the worst way to ask someone to mentor you.

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