365 ways to train your brain

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Get a year's worth of activities to keep your brain in top shape.
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Do you want to be able to think a little faster, concentrate better, and have fun doing it? Whether you’re 28 or 82, this book will help you improve your brainpower to help keep you sharp for years to come.
Prevention’s Get Sharper Everyday is packed with fun, easy daily activities that will help you banish brain fog, improve memory and boost your problem-solving skills for years to come.
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Get 365 Amazing Ways to Train Your Brain!
Broken into six essential categories proven to bolster cognitive function, your daily dose of brain-boosting advice will keep you on your toes.
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Get expert tips for learning new information, improving your attention and concentration, enhancing your problem-solving prowess and honing your focus and mental energy.
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Learn easy (and delicious) ways to fill up on brain food through your meals while prioritizing nutrients that help protect against cognitive decline.
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Discover genius memory tricks and hacks to learn and practice so you can more easily remember names, numbers and anything else you want to keep top of mind.
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Uncover helpful tips for improving sleep, practicing meditation and fighting loneliness to ward off the negative effects that cortisol-producing stress can have on your brain.
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Keep your body moving and blood flowing with exercises designed to increase the production of brain chemicals that improve memory, attention and problem-solving skills.
Your mind is your greatest muscle—so start flexing it with
Get Sharper Every Day!
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