New eBook. John Horgan Examines the Nature of Reality in Existence and Other Questions

Scientific American

What Is Real?

Existence and Other Questions: Selected Works of John Horgan

Does free will exist? Is the Schrödinger Equation True? How does matter make a mind? In his Scientific American column, John Horgan takes a scientific approach to exploring mysteries such as these, and in this eBook, we collect some of his most thought-provoking work on consciousness, quantum mechanics, the science of psychedelic drugs and more.

The Science of Consciousness

How do neurons create feelings of sadness? Or the sense of a unique self? On the other hand, could conscious thought be an illusion? The nature of conscious experience is one of the most essential, enduring mysteries, and in this eBook we explore the diverse and sometimes contentious approaches to defining consciousness, research into its physical footprints, advances in measuring conscious awareness and emerging technologies bringing artificial intelligence systems closer to adapting and learning like a human brain.

The Rise of Humans

Of all the species on Earth, why did ours rise to dominance? Previously, scientists thought many uniquely human traits resulted from sudden or brilliant adaptations, but new discoveries point to gradual processes that involve biological and social factors. In this eBook, we examine recent research on the origins of human cognitive abilities, ingenuity, language and culture as well as the advances opening doors to new hypotheses.

The Math of Everything

Galileo said that mathematics is the language of nature. This eBook examines math across disciplines, exploring how math is the backbone connecting the physical, social and economic worlds. From practical questions about the significance of p values and using math to fight gerrymandering to the top theoretical problems in the field, this collection looks at what math reveals about our universe.

A Question of Time

Is time an illusion? Is time travel possible? Could time end? In this eBook, A Question of Time*, we take an interdisciplinary look at the fourth dimension, exploring the latest thinking on the nature of time and the ways it dominates our physical and mental worlds.

Mind Over Mood: Understanding Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are two of the most common conditions affecting mental health and overall quality of life, but there are tools for managing them. In this eBook, we'll explore how depression shows up in the brain, different manifestations of depression and anxiety, various talk therapies, technological innovations, lifestyle interventions and more.

Hacking the Immune System

The immune system is a marvel, but sometimes those defenses need help. In this eBook, we examine various ways the immune system is being manipulated to fight disease, starting with the science behind the research into COVID vaccines and treatments. We also examine cutting-edge interventions for infectious diseases beyond COVID such as a universal flu vaccine, immunotherapies for cancer and more.


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