đź‘‹ 3 pandemic habits to drop in 2022

The solar revolution is here. Forget about dull, rectangular solar panels. An increasing number of designers and startups across the globe are reinventing the way we harness the sun, from solar cells that can be integrated into windows, to solar-powered skylights that look like contemporary stained glass. Clothes can charge our phones, desks can charge our lamps. Even solar panels themselves are being overhauled: some are overlaid with customizable skins, others are imprinted with geometric patterns reminiscent of an abstract painting. As solar energy becomes more affordable, the options are increasing, and 2022 may well become a banner year for solar energy. Read my story here to meet the designers leading the “solar movement.”
—Elissaveta M. Brandon
From windows to jackets to furniture, solar power is being totally revolutionized

It’s not just about panels anymore.

work life
3 pandemic habits to drop in 2022

It’s not too late to make a few more New Year’s resolutions.

The telehealth bubble has burst. Time to figure out what’s next

Telehealth took off during the pandemic, but 2021 was a brutal awakening. The healthcare industry is still figuring out how it fits into the big picture.

6 ways to better compete for talent in 2022

For companies looking to hire (and retain) workers amid the Great Resignation, here’s what you need to prioritize this year.

When you think of hospitals, you think of hallways. Here’s why we designed a hospital without them

The approach—which has been replicated throughout Rwanda and beyond—simply serves patients better.

Shopping will be way less annoying this year. These are the 3 big changes you’ll see

Farewell, abandoned online shopping carts.

work life
I passed on a big promotion and still grew my career. This is what it took

IBM’s CHRO details her career trajectory and says for some, it’s absolutely the right decision to resign if declining a promotion, but in many cases, you can still find satisfaction and success by staying put.

artificial intelligence
2022 promises to bring massive change to AI regulation

A cofounder of AI monitoring company Arthur says with all that happened in 2021, it’s no wonder smart enterprises are taking steps to future-proof their own practices around fair and equitable AI.

COVID forced cities to redesign their streets. Now, some of those changes are permanent

In 2020, cities adapted to COVID-19 with open streets, outdoor dining, and added bike lanes. In 2021, some of those changes became permanent—and advocates for walkable, bikeable cities can take lessons from what worked to redesign even more streets.

remote work
Here are the best productivity tools and tips for hybrid teams in 2022

Rather than try to optimize your virtual office with dozens of software widgets that are overkill, my recommendation is to focus instead on knowing the basics like the back of your hand.

Surprise medical bills are now banned: Here’s what to know
Starting this year, an emergency hospital trip can no longer be cause for a separate kind of emergency: an unexpectedly high medical bill because the doctor on duty didn’t happen to accept your insurance.
The new rule passed by Congress is called the No Surprises Act. It went into effect January 1, and establishes new federal protections against surprise medical bills for nearly all ER visits, and most routine care too.
“Surprise bills” refers to when insured patients show up for care, but they’re treated by an out-of-network doctor or other provider they didn’t purposefully choose. 
There is one big carve-out, however: ground ambulances. Congress says it excluded bills for ground ambulances because they “would need a different regulatory approach.”
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