😌 7 Books That Will Help You Regain A Sense Of Calm

A single raindrop that falls on the street in front of your house might travel thousands of miles away. A new interactive map lets you follow the natural path of water from any spot on the planet and virtually fly along streams, rivers, and through mountains to watch how water flows through each watershed. It’s a visceral reminder of our interconnectedness: Pollution from a factory in Minnesota or a farm in Montana might end up killing sea turtles in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s also a fascinating (and somewhat addictive) way to explore corners of the globe you’ve never visited. See the map, and read my full story here.
Adele Peters
interactive map
This Mesmerizing Map Lets You Follow The Path Of A Drop Of Water Anywhere In The World

Click to drop a raindrop anywhere in the world, and River Runner shows you where it ends up. It’s an illustration of how connected our waterways are—and how far pollution that enters our rivers or streams can travel.

Secrets of productive people
7 Books That Will Help You Regain A Sense Of Calm

Next Big Idea Club debuts a list of relaxing reads, each of which is sure to bring your stress down.

ces 2022
CES 22 In Pictures: Despite COVID, The Cool Tech Showed Up

Though attendance was way down in Vegas this year, more than 2,000 companies exhibited their newest tech.

What If All Our Buildings Were Sucking Carbon From The Air?

These concepts show how we could incorporate carbon capture into urban design.

Danny McBride And HBO’s ‘Righteous Gemstones’ Created The Perfect Satire Of The Streaming Era

Danny McBride, writer and star of the HBO comedy, reveals why the Gemstones are building a streaming service in season two.

When Endangered Species Recover, Humans Will Have To Make Room For Them

As endangered animals increase their numbers and enter new areas, they might find that humans are in their way. To help them thrive, we’ll have to learn how to give them space.

OpenSimulator Offers A Glimpse Of What A Decentralized Metaverse Might Look Like

The open source platform, which started as an alternative to Second Life, could be a clue to how a distributed metaverse not owned by a single company could work.

workplace evolution
This CEO Pays New Employees $5,000 To Quit

It might seem counterintuitive, but the CEO of Trainual says it’s worth it to identify and retain top talent.

Dell’s New XPS Laptop Messes With The Familiar—And That’s The Point

The latest update to one of the Windows world’s best-reviewed computers makes big changes to fundamental features. It’s a gamble Dell is willing to take.

how to be a success
More Than Emotional Intelligence Is Required To Work Remotely—You Also Need This 1 Thing

You’ve heard of EQ and IQ, but what about this third form of intelligence most relevant for virtual spaces?

Video: brand hit & miss of the week
Not Drinking This January? Pabst Blue Ribbon Recommended Eating Ass!
Ryan Reynolds rewrites Winnie the Pooh for Mint Mobile, and Pabst Blue Ribbon deletes a spicy New Year’s tweet.
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