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Good morning! If you’re doing industrial-strength video editing on an iPad, you’re probably doing it in LumaFusion. The $30 app is the undisputed leader among video editors that go beyond Apple’s iMovie in ambition; even Apple itself recently named it as the year’s best iPad app. Behind the software is a company called LumaTouch that’s run by Terri Morgan and Chris Demiris, two veterans of the video-software industry. Jared Newman talked to them about the frustrations at their previous gigs that led them to create their own company and product, why they’ve been so successful, and a looming question that could have a big impact on their future: What happens if Apple decides to put its own advanced editor, Final Cut Pro, on the iPad? Read more here.
—Harry McCracken, @harrymccracken
How a tiny startup built a true Final Cut alternative for the iPad

Bigger video-editing companies haven’t committed themselves to bringing advanced tools to Apple’s tablet. LumaFusion’s creators did—and it’s paid off.

When will the omicron wave peak in the U.S.?

While cases are rising incredibly fast right now, scientists predict they could also turn around just as quickly.

work life
A new meeting style to try in 2022

This standard ritual can turn into a powerhouse of culture and ideation. It can help build morale, increase retention, and ultimately lead to successful outcomes for the end customer.

a message from SAP
Planning for 2022? Get tips to help your company thrive.
From driving growth to enabling sustainable operations the #ConnectGrowWin series of 20-minute webinars from SAP, sponsored by Intel and Google Cloud, offers practical advice to help you achieve your business goals. Tune in on demand.
6 simple Microsoft Teams tricks to make you more productive

Mark messages as really important, shuttle information between Teams and email, and more.

Tech company Bolt is permanently embracing a 4-day workweek

In an exclusive interview, founder and CEO Ryan Breslow says he thinks other fast-growing companies will follow suit.

This new solar shingle can get nailed right on to your roof

You don’t need to install solar panels on your roof if your roof is already made of solar panels.

work life
These 2 surprising mistakes may cost you a promotion in 2022

If you’re looking to get a promotion, skip doing these things, even though they might sound productive.

Feeling blah about your home? These 3 bold tweaks can help you transform it

Designer Justina Blakeney is known for her vibrant, colorful interiors.

The metaverse is a second chance to right the wrongs of social media. Here’s how

For starters, brands shouldn’t rely on social media companies to design the platforms.

the great resignation
7 hybrid work hurdles which you may have overlooked

These common facets of hybrid work can seep into your behavior without you realizing.

Companies are thinking about boosters: What you need to know
The federal government hasn’t yet signed off on booster-shot mandates. Ground zero for them, then, might seem like it would be progressive states. But so far, it’s a mixed bag pulling the trigger. 
The battleground state of New Mexico was the first to pass a rule requiring hospital and school workers to be boosted by January 17. Other local governments are said to be considering it. 
Meanwhile, the private sector is also increasingly warming up to the move. Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group said in late December that dining indoors at any of its dozen-plus restaurants. 
The number of companies mandating boosters for their employees could take off in the coming months. A survey of some 200 large employers conducted a few weeks ago found 8% of them are rethinking what constitutes “fully vaccinated” in their mind.
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