The dreamy, eclectic coastal Sydney home of Tamsin Johnson + 10 jobs to tackle in January + 12 Australian ceramicists we love

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The dreamy, eclectic coastal Sydney home of Tamsin Johnson

With its well-travelled collections of high-end furniture and art, this eastern Sydney home is a beach house like no other.


The top 10 jobs and projects to tackle in January
Knocking over these home improvement jobs early will put you in good stead for the year ahead.
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How to make money from your clutter
Make Marie Kondo proud and make bank while you're at it — we show you how.
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9 items to ban from your bedroom
Banish these things from your bedroom to improve its look and your sleep.
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Bathrooms with clever designs and ideas to steal
Make a splash and take inspiration from these 21 clever ideas and spaces.
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How to pick Australian native plants for your garden
Take the guesswork out of gardening and go straight for plants you know suit our climate.
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12 Australian ceramicists we are loving
Get to know these talented ceramicists whose unique work we adore.
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The best, most timeless leather sofas for your home
Contemporary, retro, rustic; whatever your style, there's a leather sofa to suit.
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