Day 1: Start where you are

You may already eat more plant-based foods than you realize.
Eat More Plants Challenge

DAY 1 OF 14

Start where you are

🌿 "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly Plants."🌿
— Michael Pollan, In Defense of Food

This advice may sound easy if you're a committed vegetarian or vegan … but what about the rest of us? Is this "mostly plants" business really necessary? And is it even do-able?

The answer to both of these questions is YES!

Adding plants to your plate can have a positive impact on your life: Plant-based diets have been shown to improve heart health, reduce the risk of certain cancers, and improve blood sugar regulation. Need more? A new study found that eating fruits and veggies in particular may make you happier!

Now, you don't have to completely overhaul your life to get these benefits. No need to give up meat, either, though you may discover some substitutes you enjoy!

Instead, the Eat More Plants Challenge will guide you through making gradual changes. You'll try new behaviors to make plant-based eating easier, more convenient, and more appealing.

Let's get started!

For today's challenge: Take an inventory of all the plant-based foods you have on hand. Pull them out of your pantry, cabinets, fridge, and freezer and write down what you've got. Leave no stone unturned (or is that no plant unturned?)!

Hint: "Plants" is a pretty big category, including:

  • Fruits and veggies (fresh, frozen, dried, canned)
  • Whole grains (look for unprocessed grains like rolled oats, brown rice, and even popcorn, rather than crackers, granola bars, and pasta)
  • Beans and lentils (dried or canned)
  • Nuts and seeds (nut butter, sunflower seeds, pistachios, etc.)

Now, on your list of foods, make some notes:

~ What do you like? ~ What do other people in your household enjoy? ~ What are some foods you've bought in the past and would buy again? ~ What can you think of that you haven't tried but are curious about?

Congrats! You've taken the first step toward a more plant-forward diet. You'll ease in a bit more tomorrow by making an easy upgrade to one of your favorite dishes.

Until tomorrow,
The Healthline Team

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