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"The Best Thing I've Ever Bought"
Stylist's fashion and beauty features director Billie Bhatia – who's also a Stylist Extra weekly columnist – shares the one purchase that brings her immense joy

"Ahead of the January 2021 lockdown, I went to Newcastle to live with my best friend. We had a weekly support bubble dinner with her friend who lived alone, and one evening she sent a text saying, 'Chicken wings for dinner tonight, Nando's style!' As Nando's had been absent from my life for a considerable amount of time at that point, I was very excited. And that excitement doubled when said chicken wings – crispy, succulent and delicious – were cooked in her air fryer without any oil. There and then, I went online and parted with almost £150 to secure a Ninja Air Fryer XL of my own, and we pretty much exclusively ate chicken wings for the rest of the month.

"I love to spend hours cooking when I'm hosting people, but living alone and cooking for one sometimes feels like a lot of effort for little reward. This is so quick to use (way faster than a conventional oven) and it helps me to cook with less oil – and as someone who only ever wants crispy food, it satisfies those cravings. I know it makes me a millennial cliché to rave about my air fryer, but talk to me after you've made crispy broccoli with a chilli and garlic dip – I promise you'll be feeling just as smug and satisfied as me." £149.99,

Sugarhill Brighton / £65
Shirt dress
Forget packing 45 outfits for your next trip, this frock can be dressed up or down for all occasions
Ginori 1735 / £82
Oriente Italiano mug
Iced coffee season may be here, but we're not giving up our 11am cuppa – especially when it's drunk from this pretty pink mug
A memoir about identity and connection, this moving story speaks profoundly about race and the legacy of colonialism
Benefit / £27.50
Benefit's cult blushers now come in 11 shades, with this rose tint perfect for sweeping over sun-kissed cheeks
Pooky / £83
Table lamp
With a choice of eight bases and over 400 colourful shades, you can customise this lamp to your heart's content
Tonys's chocolonely / £3.98
chocolate bar
Not a white chocolate fan? This raspberry popping candy flavour may just change your mind

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3 colourful (and free) London exhibitions to visit this weekend, whatever the weather

The sun may have turned it on in London this week, but with the UK's ever-unpredictable weather, having a back-up plan is the smart girl's option. Bringing the sunshine no matter the forecast, there are three new colour-drenched exhibitions to keep your eyeballs busy this weekend, starting with JeeYoung Lee's just-opened Maiden Voyage installation at Greenwich's Now Gallery. Drawing on her memories and dreams, the South Korean artist has created a surreal hanging forest from more than 400 handmade paper gingko leaves – with visitors encouraged to record their own memories on origami paper which will be folded into a swan and added to the exhibition (until 25 September; free; Peninsula Sq, London SE10).

Meanwhile Mayfair's Saatchi Yates gallery is displaying a powerful exhibition by Zurich-born artist Angela Santana. In her first solo UK show, 14 of Santana's large-scale oil paintings depicting fragmented online images of the female form have been brought together in an exploration and rejection of the male fantasy (until 31 August; free; 6 Cork St, London W1S). And, when the sun does show up again, wander along Kensington + Chelsea Art Week's Public Art Trail and take in London artist Azarra Amoy's unique installation, Kaleidoscopic Minds, which celebrates neurodiverse people and their contribution to arts and sciences through a series of enlivening kaleidoscopic artworks (until August 30; free; Exhibition Rd, London SW7). Just remember to pack an umbrella.

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Image credits: Emma Lee; Sarah Brick; Angela Santana, Fruitful Thoughts, 2017, Oil on Canvas, 51x78in, 130x200cm; Charles Emerson; Graham Fudger / KCAW ; Brands; Courtesy of brands
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