Liz Cheney Was Out for Blood Last Night

Look, Liz Cheney voted almost 93 percent of the time with the policies of the president* she arraigned on Thursday night for instigating a violent attempt to overthrow the government of the United States. And hell, I'd rather move to Novosibirsk than live under a President Liz Cheney. But watching her on Thursday night was to see a pure-bred product of the political lizard-brain out for blood. She laid out the case in a lawyerly fashion. Count the number of times she began a sentence with either, "You will see…" or, "We will show…", which are the twin katana blades of any decent prosecutor. Tell them what they're going to see, and then show them. In addition, Cheney did a fine job of explaining what each public hearing will be devoted to demonstrating.


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