Vitamin D does more harm than good?

There's a darker side to the vitamin D trend, and it may be hurting your health
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 Zero-Hassle Returns

Of late, the vitamin D supplement industry has been having their day in the sun.
And while it's true that too little vitamin D is associated with higher risks of immune and mood disorders, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer...
There is a darker side to this trend...
It's easy to overdo it.
In fact, recent survey data found nearly a 20% uptick in the number of people taking potentially unsafe amounts of vitamin D.
Too much of this important nutrient can result in a condition known as hypercalcemia, where calcium builds up in your blood...
And then gets redirected into in your arteries or soft tissues, potentially causing:
  • Weakened bones
  • Plaque buildup in your heart vessels
  • Even major cardiac events
That means that the very reasons you're supplementing with vitamin D – for a healthy heart and body - may actually end up causing more harm than good!
But if you've ever taken vitamin D… I've got great news:
Nature has provided you with an easy way to counterbalance the dangers of a "D overload."
When added to your daily regimen, this little-known nutrient pairs perfectly with vitamin D, and acts like a traffic cop in your body…
Ensuring that calcium gets sent to the places it belongs…
And gets redirected and removed from the places that can cause you harm.
Known as "K2," this vitamin has the amazing ability to:
  • Direct calcium to your bones to support optimal bone strength…
  • Remove calcium from your arteries, and ensure it doesn't get put in your soft tissue…
  • Stand guard at the door to your circulatory system, so calcium can't wander to places that can cause you harm…
  • Drive healthy circulation, brain function, and optimal blood sugar levels!
And the incredible health benefits of vitamin K2 were clinically verified in one of the largest studies ever conducted:
The Rotterdam Study was performed over a 10-year period on 4800+ subjects...
Participants were given vitamin K2 daily, and the results were shocking!
  • 50% decrease in cardiovascular events and mortality
  • 25% decrease in all-cause mortality...
  • 25% reduced risk for dying from any disease, across the board
But the Rotterdam Study was just the start...
A growing body of published research has proven that vitamin K2 plays a critically important role for your heart, bone, and overall health.
But here's where you need to pay attention...
97% of adults on the planet are K2 deficient.
From the research, it's been shown that the minimum daily dose of K2 your body needs is 320 micrograms (mcg)…
Unfortunately, K2 is not the easiest nutrient to get naturally.
Unless your daily diet contains pounds of organ meat (11 mcg of K2 per serving)…
Or multiple bowls of a pungent Japanese dish known as natto (100 mcg of K2 per bowl)…
Then there's a good chance you may be K2 deficient.
But K2 is far too crucial a nutrient to ever be without.
That's why we created Just Thrive Vitamin K2-7...
So you can EASILY get the exact amount of quality K2 your body needs to be its best!
Just Thrive K2-7 is THE ONLY K2 product on the market with:
  • The optimal daily recommended dose (320 micrograms)
  • Pharmaceutical grade vitamin K2-7 fashioned from elite, industry-best ingredients
  • 100% guaranteed potency so you can feel confident you're getting the best
  • Multiple published safety studies showing effectiveness
  • Zero gluten, dairy, nut/salt, or sugar, and completely non-GMO
In your quest for your best health, vitamin K2 will be one of your greatest allies...
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With gratitude,
Tina Anderson
Just Thrive | Founder
P.S. I want to make sure you're completely comfortable with your purchase.
So rest assured: You're fully covered by my bottom of the bottle 100% money back guarantee.
This means you can test out the product, and if you don't LOVE the way you feel...
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