Will Smith Apologizes on Camera; Rebecca Hall’s ‘Outlandish Premise’; BJ Novak and John Mayer Get Vengeance

In today's Movie News Rundown: Will Smith issues some apologies, why John Mayer is in BJ Novak's debut film, Vengeance, and Rebecca Hall talks with us about the "outlandish premise" of her new horror thriller Resurrection — and how she pulled it off.

A Talk With B.J. Novak: He told us about his weird relationship with Texas, where the film takes place. (Novak plays a New York writer who makes a podcast about a local woman he was hooking up with.) He also told John Mayer superfan Margeaux Sippell how John Mayer ended up in the movie.

A Talk With Rebecca Hall: The writer-director of Resurrection, Andrew Semans, acknowledges that the film has an "outlandish premise." It stars Rebecca Hall as a woman tormented by a man (Tim Roth) with whom she shares a ludicrous and horrific secret that we won't reveal here. We talked with the always-excellent Hall about how she sold the outlandishness to the audience — especially in a seven-minute uninterrupted monologue that powers the whole film. You can watch here:


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