Paramount+ Gains Share; HBO Max Prunes Catalog; Lionsgate's New Podcast Play

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August 04, 2022

Paramount+ Tops 43 Million Subscribers in Q2, Adding 3.7 Million in Quarter

Paramount Global's Paramount+ kept hiking up the streaming mountain in Q2 2022 as some rivals have stumbled.

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HBO Max Quietly Removed Six Warner Bros. Streaming-Exclusive Movies

HBO Max has purged at least six Warner Bros. movies that were exclusively streaming on the service in an apparent cost-cutting move.

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Lionsgate Launches Podcast Division With El Chapo Show Hosted by 50 Cent

Lionsgate, the studio behind "John Wick," "The Hunger Games" and Starz, has entered the podcasting space.

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With HBO Max and Discovery+ Expected to Merge, Streamers Debate Scale vs. Brand Identity

As Warner Bros. Discovery and Disney heap new content on their streaming outlets, they risk undermining solid marketplace brands.

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Visa 'Intended to Help' Pornhub and Its Parent Company Monetize Child Porn, Judge Finds in Allowing Case to Move Forward

A federal judge ruled that “the court can comfortably infer that Visa intended to help MindGeek monetize child porn.”

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Survey: Consumers Think NFTs Are Getting Riskier 

New VIP+ Analysis: How the drop in cryptocurrency value is causing consumer attitudes to shift negatively on safety and overall perception.

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Ashley Benson's Erotic Slasher Pic '18 & Over' Is Releasing Next Week - Available Only to Buyers of a $263 NFT

Ashley Benson's "18 & Over" an indie horror film will be available in an exclusive two month window to those who buy a $263 NFT.

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Why a Strong Disney+ Launch for 'Lightyear' Would Be Bad for Pixar

New VIP+ Analysis: After a weak box office showing, it’s actually better for Pixar if “Lightyear” also underperforms on th …

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Hulu's 'Not Okay' Ironic Content Warning About 'Unlikable Female Protagonist' Causes Confusion

Hulu's tongue-in-cheek warning that original movie "Not Okay" has "an unlikable female protagonist" has generated confusion.

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SoundCloud Confirms Layoffs Impacting Nearly 20% of Its Workforce

SoundCloud will be laying off nearly 20% of its global workforce citing "a significant company transformation" and economic challenges.

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WWE Taps Snap Exec Craig Stimmel to Head Sales and Partnerships

WWE hired Craig Stimmel, most recently head of global brands at Snap, as SVP and head sales and partnerships.

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You Can Play 'Squid Game' in Real Life With Your Friends (Without the Dying Part) Starting Next Month

Interactive gaming company Immersive Gamebox is launching a "Squid Game"-based real-life experience for groups of up to six players.

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How Local News Is Driving FAST Growth 

New VIP+ Analysis: News is one of the fastest growing genres within FAST, with local TV news embracing the format as a way to increase reach …



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