Learn how to connect with your deepest desires

Learn to connect with your deepest desires
Join us on Tuesday, 6 September for a special relationship Q&A with psychotherapist Charlotte Fox Weber

Desire has become a bit of a buzzword of late, but with good reason. If we're able to understand the desires we're subconsciously driven by, then we can actually put them into action and lead happier lives, experts say.

On Tuesday, 6 September at 5.30pm, Stylist features editor Meena Alexander will be talking to the author of What We Want: A Journey Through Twelve Of Our Deepest Desires and founding head of The School Of Life Psychotherapy. They'll be discussing the role desire plays in all our lives and how we can each tap into our own hidden wants to get the most out of our relationships, in particular.

Plus, there'll be the opportunity to put your relationship questions (anonymously or not) directly to Charlotte and get her advice on everything, from break-up struggles to self-exploration in singlehood. Whatever you're dealing with, she's the expert you'll want to hear from.

Want in? The event is a Stylist Extra exclusive, so you'll need to subscribe before the event to join us live. Become a Stylist Extra member for just £3.99 a month to access the event and unlock unlimited access to more subscriber-exclusive content.


The online event will stream live from 5.30pm on Tuesday, 6 September. Come prepared with questions.

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