San Sebastian 2022: 10 Takes; Juan Mayne Joins Nadie; 'Gypsy Bride' Renewed

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San Sebastian Film Festival

No. 1 | Sep 16, 2022

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From Juliette Binoche, CAA's Conference and Buzz Titles, 10 Takes on San Sebastian 2022 

Spain’s movie renaissance, potentially great films from women directors, and the Basque boom also shape this edition.

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Mexico's Underrepresented Gain a Voice

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San Sebastian's Next Gen Mexico Showcase

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'One Year, One Night' Review: Survivors of the Bataclan Massacre Process Their Pain in a Lengthy, Earnest Drama

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'Broker' Review: Three Criminals Attempting to Sell a Baby Become an Unlikely Family in Kore-eda's Latest

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'My Imaginary Country' Review: Patricio Guzmán's Quietly Inspirational Doc on Chile's Recent Grass-Roots Activism

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'Unrest' Review: A Sublimely Peculiar and Playful Meditation on Anarchy and Watchmaking in 1870s Switzerland

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