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Stretch Yourself To Better Health Today
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If body aches or pain keeps you sidelined or slows you down, you’re not alone.
Your body deserves to be pain free. And with Easy Healing Stretches—a DVD fitness program from Prevention—you’ll not only ease pain, but also boost energy AND slow down aging!
You’ll discover 5 gentle stretching routines that can help:
Strengthen your feet and ankles.
Increase motion in problem hips.
Unravel hunched shoulders and soothe back pain.
Erase tension in your face and neck.
Feel Like an All New YOU with Kathi!
Stretch Yourself To Better Health Today
These exclusive, easy-to-follow programs, developed by renowned certified Pilates instructor Kathi Ross-Nash, take just 20 to 30 minutes.
With Ross-Nash’s expert step-by-step guidance, you’ll learn how to target the body areas that need your attention most. Her easy modifications help you adapt each pose to your body, too—so you’ll never have to worry about overstraining.
End result: Every single stretch feels absolutely luxurious.
Pop in the DVD to charge up your body in the morning, prepare your body for workouts, or unwind before bed.
Whether you’re recovering from an injury or zeroing in on a body part that’s been neglected (hello, shoulder hunch and clenched jaw), these gentle yet cutting-edge routines deliver what you need to relieve stress, restore energy, increase mobility, decrease pain, and so much more.
Stretch Yourself To Better Health Today
5 guided sequences
Visual timers that signal how much time is left in a routine
Verbal cues to help you get each pose just right
Modifications for beginners and people with mobility limitations
Plus a FREE Healing Recipes booklet!
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